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Coronavirus and crew change. IMO publish a protocol

Almost 150,000 seafarers are stuck on ships due to the coronavirus pandemic, and travel restrictions and blockades around the world still prevent them from completing…

IMO approves amendments to the Traffic Separation Scheme for TSS Ławica Słupska

In London, the Polish document was adopted during a session of the IMO subcommittee on Safe Shipping, Radio communications and Search and Rescue. It concerns…

Maritime Poland [MOVIE]

We are presenting a movie that promotes maritime Poland, the country that aspires to become a member of the Council of the International Maritime Organization.

The World Maritime Day Parallel Event 2018 in Szczecin

The World Maritime Day Parallel Event will take place on June 13-15, 2018 in Szczecin. The theme and topic of the event is IMO 70:…

Poland will host the 2018 World Maritime Day Parallel Event

The connections between ships, ports and people were once again the focus for an international audience, as Panama hosted the 2017 World Maritime Day Parallel…

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