Submarine rescue and salvage vessel for Polish Navy contracted

Supply of a submarine rescue vessel (code name “Ratownik”), with option for another unit, is the scope of agreement signed on December 27, 2017, at MoD. The value of the contract is reported to be PLN 755 m.  The “Ratownik” class vessels will be built and delivered by a consortium of companies within Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa group, including PGZ SA, Stocznia Remontowa Nauta SA, Stocznia Wojenna PGZ Sp. z o.o. and OBR CTM SA.

The ''Ratownik'' class submarine rescue and salvage vessel - initial conceptual design visualisation
The ”Ratownik” class submarine rescue and salvage vessel – initial conceptual design visualisation

On behalf of the ordering party, the agreement was signed by col. Dariusz Pluta, head of Inspectorate of Armament of MoD. On the side of consortium, the agreement with Inspectorate of Armament was signed by Błażej Wojnicz, president, PGZ and member of the board – Adam Lesiński.

The ship of “Ratownik” class, designed as an auxiliary navy vessel, is destined for rescue operations and suport at sea and along the coastline, securing the operations of the Polish Navy and acting as the rescue for the crews of the submarines in distress and salvage platform. It may be used to recover the sunk military equipment, extinguish fires and carry out decontamination tasks in scenarios, in which weapons of mass destruction could potentially be utilized. The vessels are to be outfitted with the hardware required to carry out saturation diving, including decompression chamber for the rescued crews, UUVs, fire extinguishing systems, decontamination systems and medical section. The ship will be also outfitted with a helipad arranged forward.

“Ratownik” class vessels are poised to replace two old rescue vessels. The builders are expected to deliver the first rescue and salvage vessel in 2022.

The initial design comes from privately owned MMC Ship Design & Marine Consulting Ltd., however it is understood, PGZ group related design offices will be involved in design process, too.


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