Stena Line introduces the Stena Ebba E-Flexer ferry

Stena Line introduces the second large E-Flexer of its Baltic Sea expansion to operate Karlskrona-Gdynia with its sister vessel Stena Estelle.

Stena Line introduces the second of the two large E-Flexer class vessels to be deployed on the route Karlskrona-Gdynia: In December 2022, the brand new Stena Ebba will join her sister Stena Estelle, which will connect Southern Sweden and Poland from August onwards. The twin ferries are the two largest of the E-Flexer class of Stena Line and have an increased capacity of 50 per cent more cabins, 30 per cent more passengers and 15 per cent more cargo than existing E-Flexer vessels.

The southern Baltic Sea is a key region for Stena Line, and our route Karlskrona-Gdynia is a backbone for our ambition to grow and expand further. Stena Ebba, together with the twin vessel Stena Estelle, will set new standards of flexibility, service orientation and customer satisfaction. They are the largest vessels in our successful E-Flexer fleet, and we are proud and excited to have soon Stena Ebba and Stena Estelle connecting some of the most dynamic markets in Europe – says Niclas Mårtensson, CEO of Stena Line.

At 240 metres in length, Stena Ebba and Stena Estelle are 36 metres longer than Stena Edda, Stena Embla and Stena Estrid, the other three E-Flexers operated by Stena Line. The two new E-Flexers both have a capacity of 3,600 lane metres and provide space for 1,200 passengers, excellently equipped to meet the growing demand for freight transport and passengers between Poland and Sweden.

The Stena Ebba is 28 metres in width, has 6,4 metres of draught and features 263 cabins.

Like all E-Flexers, Stena Ebba and Stena Estelle have their hulls, propellers, and rudders optimally designed for maximum efficiency while being adaptable to an alternative fuel setup in the future.

With the two large E-Flexers, Stena Line continues its expansion in the Baltic Sea, which in recent years has seen the deployment of the prolonged vessels Stena Scandica and Stena Baltica on the Nynäshamn-Ventspils route, as well as the opening of the new connection to Finland, Nynäshamn-Hanko.

source: Stena Line

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