Signing a contract for the expansion of the port of Puck

redeveloping the port of Puck

Today, i.e. on 3 August at 1.00 p.m. in the Puck Harbour Bosmanage House, an agreement will be signed with the contractor for the construction works for the task of expanding and redeveloping the port of Puck for the development of fishing, tourism and sailing functions (Stage I). The event will be attended by Marshal Mieczysław Struk and the authorities of Puck.

Stage I of the investment includes the construction of a part of the northern breakwater to protect the fishing basin against excessive waving, the construction of a fixed 180-metre-long connecting pier together with three floating piers for yachts and the preparation of the base of the port. The piers will be equipped with pedestals for power and water supply, stands with rescue equipment, ladders and mooring cleats. As a result, in addition to the existing ones, as many as 98 new mooring places for yachts will be created.

The construction works are scheduled to be completed in September 2023.

The tender selected NDI S.A. as the contractor for the construction works for this task. The contract is for PLN 32,810,393 gross, the value of eligible costs (i.e. the value minus VAT) is PLN 26,675,116. Co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund is PLN 22 244 548, which constitutes almost 84% of co-financing of the said costs.



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