Saab to supply Polish Navy with anti-submarine warfare training system

Swedish corporation Saab has announced that it has signed a contract with the Defense Ministry’s Armament Agency for the delivery of the AUV62-AT Autonomous Training System for the Polish Navy. It will be used for anti-submarine warfare (ZOP) exercises. The delivery will be made in 2024.

The AUV62-AT is a high-tech system capable of realistic, yet cost-effective training of ZOP forces.

– The AUV62-AT will enable the Polish Navy to implement an effective and realistic anti-submarine warfare training program. Our system offers a complete ZOP training solution, including exercise planning and subsequent analysis,” said Niclas Kolmodin, vice president of Saab’s Underwater Systems Business Unit.

The AUV62-AT autonomous underwater vehicle takes the form of an advanced acoustic target, fully capable of simulating submarine signatures. It is also compatible with torpedo and sonar systems currently on the market. As a maneuverable training target, the AUV62-AT is capable of successfully replacing a submarine during naval exercises.

Saab’s system offers a complete ZOP training chain, from detection to engagement, giving operators a unique opportunity to train their skills during simulated combat.



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