Anti-terrorist and search-and-rescue exercises

On 17-21 May 2021, tactical and special exercises Renegade/Sarex-21 are held in the field of countering terrorist threats from the air and conducting search and rescue operations on land and sea areas. On 17 May the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Grzegorz Witkowski took part in the exercises.

The exercises are held in Pomerania and Mazovia. Four scenarios are to be rehearsed during them. One concerns the hijacking of a civil aircraft as a possible means of attack of a terrorist nature which constitutes a threat to state security. Another two are related to the conduct of search and rescue operations after air incidents (simulated aircraft crashes in areas difficult to access).

The fourth scenario took place in Łeba. It was a mass evacuation operation in connection with a collision of two ships staged in the Baltic Sea with injured persons on burning and sinking vessels. The scenario involved carrying out a rescue operation, rescuing military property and transporting the injured to medical facilities. The injured were evacuated from the ships to land by air with the help of military rescue helicopters.

The main objective of the exercise is to test the ability of the Polish Armed Forces and the non-military system, as elements of the state security system, to counteract crisis situations appropriate for the system of entrusted defence and air and sea rescue. The organiser of the undertaking is the Gen. Bronisław Kwiatkowski Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces.



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