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Port of Gdansk prepares for modernization of four more berths

The Port of Gdansk has been a huge construction site in recent years. A key investment for the development of the Inner Port has just been completed, related to the deepening of the waterway and the modernization of over 5 km of quays.

The project is called “Improving Access to the Port of Gdansk – modernization of the waterway 2”. The project envisages the expansion of four quays of the Inner Port with a total length of 1,916 metres together with the railroad infrastructure. The Wiślane and Bytomskie Quays are located along the Port Channel, while the Ore Quays III and partially the Coal Quays are located in the Mining Basin.

The project has all the necessary documents: design, environmental, as well as approvals and permits. Completion of the project evaluation process by CINEA is expected in June 2022.

The total value of the project is approximately PLN 533 million, of which the EU funding, amounting to 85 per cent of the costs, will constitute just over PLN 453 million. The planned period for the implementation of the investment is 2022-2026.

– On February 18 we applied to the European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and Environment (CINEA) for co-financing of this investment, within the framework of the CEF 2 instrument – explains Monika Charlińska-Bodziony, Director of Fundraising and Settlement Department ZMPG SA.

The project will contribute to the increased competitiveness of the Port of Gdansk, strengthening the transhipment potential, and increasing the capacity. Thanks to this investment the quality and standard of ship handling as well as working conditions will improve, the reloading capacity will increase and the possibility of handling larger vessels will be enhanced. In addition, the length of the mooring line will be increased and shorelines will be adjusted to the needs of vessels with maximum permissible draught so that they can safely navigate the Port Channel.

After reconstruction, the Bytomsk quay will function as a universal quay. The expansion is planned on a 204-meter-long section. The investment is related to the adjustment of the existing coastline to the planned vessel traffic in the Port Channel and within the Main Port Rotor.

The expansion of another quay – Ore Quay III – is intended to create a universal loading berth, adapted to handle full-load vessels of 35,000 tons. Within the scope of the task, a 232-meter-long section and an 18-meter-long section of the Administrative Quay will be reconstructed. Apart from the hydro-technical structures, the following items will be reconstructed: electrical and water supply networks, linear drainage and stormwater drainage of the quay as well as access roads to the quay. The railroad tracks will also be corrected. The quay will be adapted for loading with LHM550 self-propelled devices.

The next quay to be rebuilt is the Vistula Quay with a length of 918 metres. The task will consist in building a new slab of the quay, founded on a new sheet pile wall and a new pile system. In addition, dredging work will be carried out on the quay. This will increase the admissible values of operational parameters (including the depth of the Port Channel at the quay to 12 m.).

In addition, necessary elements of the utilities network and modernization of the rail track system at the quay will be carried out. The first stage of the redevelopment of the Coal Quay, on the other hand, covers a section of approx. 540 m in length. Within the scope of this undertaking, it is planned to construct several loading berths.

The “Modernisation of the fairway, extension of quays and improvement of navigation conditions in the Inner Port in Gdansk”, co-financed by the CEF instrument, is nearing completion. Construction works have already been completed, currently, acceptance activities and final settlements are being carried out. The completion of the project is planned for the end of June this year. The cost of this investment is about 595.5 million PLN.

This long-term investment of ZMPG includes the following quays: Oliwskie, Ziółkowskiego, Obrońców Poczty Polskiej and Mew, Zbożowe, Wisłoujście, Dworzec Drzewny and sections of quays: Wiślany, Szczeciński and BON with a total length of about 5 km, and a 7 km long waterway of the Inner Port. Thanks to the modernization of the waterway, the permissible draught of ships entering the Inner Port was increased. In the Harbour Channel, vessels up to 250 m long, 35 m wide and with a draught of 10.6 m can be handled; whereas in the Kaszubski Channel, vessels up to 190 m long, 25 m wide and with a draught of 9.35 m can be handled.




source: PortalMorski.pl

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