Companies from Ukraine interested in cooperation with operators in the Port of Gdansk

Poland-Ukraine Business Meeting

On 26-27 May the Poland-Ukraine Business Meeting took place. Gdansk Port was a partner of the event. Participants of the meeting discussed the possibility of using terminals in the port of Gdansk in handling Ukrainian goods.

Until now, 70 per cent of Ukraine’s trade was conducted through ports. As much as 95 per cent of grain was exported through the Black Sea. The Russian blockade of ports in Odesa, Yuzhno and Chernomorsk, among others, forced Ukrainian companies to look for new solutions. As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, key supply chains have collapsed. Poland, due to its location and infrastructure, is an ideal partner to help Ukraine rebuild its lost export and import channels. And the Port of Gdansk can become a gateway for Ukraine’s foreign trade.

– The consequence of the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports is a desperate search for an outlet for Ukrainian goods: iron ore, clay, corn. We are now a port of first choice for our Ukrainian neighbours. Despite the war, economic processes are taking place in Ukraine. They need to take place for the country to function. We are here to extend our hand, show our potential, quays where products that Ukrainian companies want to sell or buy can be traded – explains Łukasz Greinke, CEO of the Port of Gdańsk.

The event was attended by representatives of the Port of Gdansk Authority, Polish and Ukrainian railways, transshipment terminals, transport companies from Poland and Ukraine, forwarders, importers, government administration and border services.

The introductory paper “The Port of Gdansk in the framework of transcontinental transport chains, the current state, the prospects, the impact of the situation in the East on the plans for new corridors” was discussed by Michal Stupak, Client Manager at ZMPG.

Adam Kłos, Director of the Commercial Department of the Port of Gdansk, representatives of terminal operators located in the port of Gdansk (PGE, Adampol, Gdansk Bulk Terminal, Speed), and representatives of Ukrainian companies took part in the presentations and discussion “The Port of Gdansk as a gateway for Ukrainian trade – the possibility of handling new streams of cargo in the short and long term, new connections and investments in the Port”. The next panel focused on the possibilities and needs of the logistics industry in terms of creating alternative routes for Ukraine. It was opened by Taras Vysotskyy, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine.

On the first day, there was also a study visit to the Port of Gdansk. Several dozen representatives of Ukrainian companies interested in cooperation with Gdansk terminals could familiarize themselves with the offer and possibilities of starting new logistic services in the Port as well as in its hinterland.

On the second day, the issues discussed included increased flows of cargo at rail and road border crossings, as well as issues of public administration in the context of new logistic challenges on the Polish-Ukrainian border and in seaports.

The future of the European logistics industry, and what it will look like after the war in Ukraine, was devoted to the debate crowning the event. The impact of sanctions and new investment needs were discussed by the representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Centre for Eastern Studies and the company Langowski Logistics.



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