Polskie LNG record-breaking results on a European scale

24 tank trucks loaded with liquefied natural gas (LNG) on one day. This amounts to the volume of energy generated from 1000 tons of hard coal. This is one of many figures that the President Lech Kaczyński’s LNG Terminal can boast. In many respects, Polskie LNG is far ahead of the competing European natural gas facilities.
The year 2018 is truly record-breaking for Polskie LNG. Until the beginning of December, the terminal has received 21 cargoes of liquefied natural gas. Including the very the first methane carrier which arrived in Świnoujście at the end of 2015, as many as 45 deliveries have been unloaded at the terminal. Two more vessels are scheduled to call in December, and in all likelihood Polskie LNG will boast having unloaded 50 cargoes by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Tanker truck loading statistics are even more impressive. This year, over 1,500 tank trucks were loaded at the terminal. This figure (estimated as of the turn of November and December) already exceeds the number of trucks handled in other European LNG terminals e.g. in Rotterdam (Gate) or Belgian Fluxys in Zeebruge in the same period. It is worth adding that this score of Polskie LNG terminal has big chances to grow as the real peak period of increased demand for LNG is just ahead of us with the upcoming winter season.

It is worth noting that the record LNG handling performance has been achieved within the current Świnoujście installation that is to change. Polskie LNG has launched the Terminal Expansion Program which comprises four components: increasing the regasification capacity from 5.0 to 7.5 million Nm3, constructing a second jetty designed for handling smaller vessels, erecting the third LNG process storage tank with the capacity of 180,000 m3, and constructing a railway siding devised for transhipment of liquefied natural gas onto railway tankers and ISO containers.

– Our terminal and its expansion plan is perfectly consistent with the perspective of rapid development of the so-called Small Scale LNG (SSLNG), emphasized Paweł Jakubowski, president of Polskie LNG. Following the completion of development works, we will offer additional services such as transhipment of liquefied natural gas onto rail tankers as well as to small-scale gas carriers. We will have influence the development of the gas market in maritime, inland waterway, rail and vehicle transport. It should also be added that all these developments will improve the relevance of Świnoujście terminal in in the Northern as well as Central and Eastern Europe.

Polskie LNG Terminal facts and figures:

45 – number of LNG deliveries by sea to the Polish terminal (as at the beginning of December)
Almost 9 million m3 – the volume of LNG delivered to the Terminal
Over 4,8 bn Nm3 – the volume of regasified natural gas
1543 – number of tanker trucks loaded in 2018 (as at the end of November)
3604 – number of tanker trucks loaded since the beginning of terminal operation (as at the end of November)
150 thousand m3 – the volume of LNG loaded on tanker trucks

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