Polish sailor fights for life in a Chinese hospital

“Wojtek is a sailor. Traveling to the farthest corners of the world is his everyday life. Sailing aboard a cargo ship has always been a son’s dream. Thanks to hard work and great passion, he has managed to make this dream come true” – writes Wojtek’s dad on the pages of siepomaga.pl, a website that now raises funds for the expensive treatment of a sailor.

31-year-old Wojtek was supposed to come home over a month ago. After his last, finished cruise, he found himself in China, in a place where a raging coronavirus changed the reality we knew so far. In view of this situation, the sailor could not return home. The pandemic and the related travel difficulties trapped the man at the other end of the world.

Despite the difficult situation, Wojtek made numerous attempts to return to Poland. Every day he talked to the airlines and booked another ticket, which was cancelled each time at the last minute. He volunteered for the government program Lot do Domu, but it was not possible to make his return from China to Poland – reads the website siepomaga.pl.

At the end of June, however, after many attempts, it was possible to find a flight for a sailor, from China to Berlin.

Unfortunately, a week before his planned return home, the man was hospitalised due to sudden, penetrating pain. The tests showed acute inflammation of the internal organs and a life-threatening condition. The daily cost of treatment and hospitalization of Wojtek varies between 10 and 15 thousand zlotys. “The bill is growing at an appalling rate…” – are written by impotent parents.

As a family we are completely powerless… We cannot be with Wojtek, fly to him, take care of him, his condition makes it impossible to return to Poland… Contact with doctors, monitoring and coordinating treatment at a distance is a nightmare. Few people speak English there, it is hard to get any information on the phone… We are trembling with fear, which will bring another day, if there will be no worse news. Wojtek is in a very difficult condition, he is lying in the ICU… Every day of his son’s stay in hospital and the actions taken by doctors generate huge costs. (…) We are at the wall, so we ask for help, for rescue… Every zloty is of great importance. There is a fight to the death and life. Please, don’t be indifferent… Help to save Wojtek’s life – appeal the parents.

At siepomaga.pl there is a collection for the treatment of a Polish sailor in a Chinese hospital.

Link to the collection HERE!

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