Polish presence at SMM 2016

Gathering over 2,100 exhibitors from 67 countries and 50,000 visitors from 108 nations, SMM continues to cement its position as the most important event in the maritime industry calendar.

With the position of the world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry, there is no wonder SMM attracts ample representation of over 45 Polish companies (please, find the listing below).

Beside direct exhibitors, further manufacturers and equipment or services providers are represented on some of Polish exhibition stands. This includes Poland’s largest ship repair and conversion, newbuilding and marine equipment provider – Remontowa Holding. Some of the member companies of the Association of Polish Maritime Industries (Forum Okrętowe) are direct exhibitors during SMM 2016 on their own right, others are represented by this organization, with its own exhibition stand at SMM for the first time this year, associating nearly 65 newbuilding and repair yards, service suppliers, marine and offshore equipment manufacturers, shipbuilding subcontractors, cooperating companies and other enterprises and/or institutions active in the shipbuilding industry, including universities, research and development centers, ship design offices, classification societies, banks and lawyers’ offices.

When visiting trade fair grounds with SMM flags this year, do not omit the maritime press distribution stands available in proximity of all entrances and pick up your copy of the latest issue of “Poland at Sea” magazine describing, also from technical perspective, the latest developments and products from Polish maritime industries.


Polish exhibitors at SMM 2016

Activ Ltd., Pszczółki

B5 – 207

AHB Service, Gdańsk

A4 – 404

Alphatron Marine Poland Ltd., Szczecin / JRC

B6 – 300

Aluship Technology Ltd., Gdańsk

B2_EG – 316

ATB Tamel SA, Tarnów

B6 – 136

ASE (Automatic Systems Engineering), Gdańsk

B2_EG – 400

Baltec Marine – a Trident Maritime Systems Co., Kowale

B7 – 312.9

Baltic Press LimitedBaltic Transport Journal, Gdynia

FO_EG – all entrances

Baltic Spares ServiceZgoda Ltd., Gdańsk

A3 – 307

Banco Ltd., Łęgowo

B5 – 302

Belse Ltd. / Belzona, Bielsko Biała

B5 – 123

Bohamet SA, Białe Błota

B5 – 222, B5_FG – 11

Crist SA, Gdynia

B2_EG – 306

Drewil Ltd., Pomieczyno

B5_OA – 3

DOE Ltd., Gdynia

A1 – 200

Enamor Ltd, Gdynia

B6 – 426

Famor SA, Bydgoszcz

B6 – 108

Fast SA, Gdynia

B5 – 219

Forum Okrętowe – Association of Polish Maritime Industries, Gdańsk

B2_EG – 400

Guenther, Długołęka

B6 – 432

H. Cegielski-Poznan SA, Poznań

A4 – 220

Mardtec Ltd., Fabianki

B5 – 511

Marine Equipment Factory Meblomor SA, Czarnków

B8 – 225

Marine Technical Services Ltd, Szczecin-Mierzyn

A3 – 109

MSR Gryfia SA, Szczecin

B2_EG – 400.1

MS Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA, Warszawa

B2_EG – 400.1

Navikon SRY Ltd., Świnoujscie

B2_EG – 114

PBUCH SA, Gdynia

B2_EG – 400

Phoenix Poland Ltd., Szczecin

B2_EG – 326

Polski Rejestr Statków SA, Gdańsk

B2_EG – 217

Promap Ltd., Bydgoszcz

B8 – 225

Promare Ltd. – Namiary na Morze i Handel, Gdynia

FO_EG – all entrances

Protea Ltd., Gdańsk

B6 – 108

Remontowa LNG Systems Ltd., Rumia

B4_EG – 209.1

Remontowa Hydraulic Systems Ltd., Gdańsk

B4_EG – 209.1

Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting Ltd., Gdańsk

B4_EG – 209.1

Remontowa Shipbuilding SA, Gdańsk

B4_EG – 209.1

Remontowa Shiprepair Yard SA, Gdańsk

B4_EG – 209.1

SeaTech Engineering Ltd., Gdańsk

B8 – 212

Stocznia Remontowa Nauta SA / MARS, Gdynia

B2_EG – 400.1

Szczecin Municipal Government, Szczecin

B7 – 101

Temat Ltd., Gdańsk
PortalMorski.pl  •  PolandatSea.com  •  “Poland at SeaMaritime Magazine
(info: Poland at Sea | Portal Morski)

FO_EG – all entrances

Towimor SA, Toruń

A1 – 505

U-Boot, Kołobrzeg

A4 – 418

Vistal Gdynia SA, Gdynia

B7 – 201

WSK International Ltd., Skawina

A2 – 119

Zachodniopomorski Klaster MorskiWestpomeranian Maritime Cluster, Szczecin

B2_EG – 326

ZinkPower Szczecin Ltd., Szczecin

B2_EG – 400




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