PGNiG boosts LNG supplies to Poland

The 163rd delivery of liquefied natural gas, purchased by PGNiG (Polish Oil and Gas Company), has arrived at the President Lech Kaczyński Terminal in Świnoujście.

Between 25 April and 2 May this year, the company has collected as many as three consignments of LNG. This is the result of PGNiG’s decision to intensify the supply of liquefied natural gas to maximize the use of the regasification capacity of the LNG terminal.

The series of three deliveries within eight days ends with a transport that arrived in Poland with cargo purchased on the spot market. The methane carrier BW Magnolia delivered from the United States about 70 thousand tonnes of LNG, i.e. about 90 million cubic metres of natural gas after regasification.

– In May, we expect a total of six LNG deliveries – Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak, CEO of PGNiG SA, announced and added that this would be the second monthly record of discharges reported by PGNiG this year. In March, five LNG tankers called at the Świnoujście LNG terminal.

LNG import is one of our core diversification activities, which strengthens Poland’s energy security. Intensification of supplies by sea is our response to the crisis in the European gas market, which started already last year. The recent cases in which Gazprom has ceased to perform the Yamal contract only confirm the validity of our strategy. Thanks to additional LNG supplies, we can refill the underground gas storage depots, which reserves are an additional guarantee of uninterrupted supplies to our customers – emphasized the CEO of PGNiG.

At present, Polish gas storage facilities are 80 per cent full – well above the European average of around 33 per cent.

Since 2015, PGNiG has taken delivery of a total of 163 liquefied natural gas supplies at the Świnoujście LNG terminal. The leading direction from which the blue fuel reaches Poland is Qatar – 99 deliveries, followed by the United States with 47 deliveries and Norway. In addition, PGNiG received single spot deliveries from Nigeria and Trinidad and Tobago.

The independence and ability to make flexible purchasing decisions provided by the LNG market is the direction in which we, as a responsible energy supplier, are consistently pursuing – assured Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak.

Liquefied natural gas accounts for about a quarter of PGNiG’s total import volume. From 2022, the company’s booked LNG regasification capacity at the Świnoujście Terminal reaches 6.2 bcm per year, and from 2024 it will be increased to 8.3 bcm per year.

At present, at least the following ships are on their way to Świnoujście: the Japanese gas carrier Energy Liberty with a cargo from the Dominion Cove Point LNG Terminal in the US, expected to arrive here on 13 May; the Maran Gas Apollonia, expected on 14 May with LNG from the Calcasieu Pass terminal in the Port of Lake Charles in the USA and probably one more tanker with gas from Qatar.



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