PGE and GE to test green hydrogen production from offshore wind turbine

Pictured from left: Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna; Sławomir Żygowski, President of the Management Board of GE Polska

PGE SA and GE (GE Wind France SAS and GE Power Sp. z o.o.) have agreed to develop a project to test green hydrogen production using GE’s offshore wind turbine.

– More than 7 GW of capacity can be built on the areas allocated to PGE in the Baltic Sea, which will allow us to supply around 26 TWh of energy, which can also be used to produce green hydrogen. The hydrogen obtained can be used as an alternative fuel in rail and road transport, in the heating sector or find application in heavy industry, contributing to its decarbonisation – said Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

– We value our long-standing cooperation with PGE on a wide range of energy topics. We look forward to working closely together to explore how we can use our offshore wind technology to support PGE’s energy security and decarbonisation goals through the production of green hydrogen, added Sławomir Żygowski, CEO of GE Poland.

In the planned project, hydrogen will be produced in an electrolyser using electricity generated from the latest wind turbine model under test for the offshore market. The innovative hydrogen production system developed as part of the project will be able to be implemented in future offshore wind farm projects implemented by PGE. This will allow the full use of energy produced from wind in situations where the energy supply exceeds the current demand in the National Power System.

PGE will develop competencies in the production of hydrogen from energy derived from offshore wind farms, which will enable it to achieve the PGE Group’s strategic goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and to build PGE CG’s competitive advantage in the area of offshore wind energy.

In addition, the project also supports the implementation of the goals set out in the Polish Hydrogen Strategy and, in the future, will enable the PGE Group’s portfolio of offered products to be expanded to include green hydrogen.

In 2024, PGE and GE plan to apply for support for the project from national and EU funds and to obtain the necessary permits and administrative decisions.



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