PERN: fuel offshore transshipments increased in 2021

PERN unloaded 2.3 million tonnes of diesel at its fuel depot in Debogórze near Gdynia, a third more than in the record-breaking year 2019 – PERN has announced.

The company said that the Dębogórze base handled almost a third more marine fuels in 2021 than in the record-breaking year of 2019.

PERN S.A. is a leader in crude oil logistics and a strategic company guaranteeing the energy security of Poland, and thus also of the European Union, in terms of oil supplies. The company’s core business is the operation of a pipelines network transporting crude oil for the largest fuel producers in Poland and Germany.

“PERN’s fuel depot in Dębogórze is Poland’s fuel gate to the world. Last year the facility unloaded around 2.3 million tonnes of diesel. The development is due to an increase in demand for liquid fuels in the country and is possible thanks to investments carried out by PERN” – the company said.

In the railway infrastructure alone, PERN’s investments in the fuel depot at Dębogórze until 2024 will exceed PLN 40 million. The depot has recently been expanded with two new storage tanks of 32,000 cubic metres each. Thanks to the expansion, its storage capacity increased to almost 260,000 cubic metres. Another tank is currently under construction and will be commissioned later this year. At the same time, the contractor for two more tanks is being selected.

At the base in Dębogórze, PERN is also modernising the transhipment front of the rail tank cars and extending the railway siding. As a result, the number of loaded tankers will increase by half. According to the company, this will strengthen the stability of the domestic and international petroleum products logistics market.

We are already noting record rail loadings from this base. For example, in 2021, the increase compared to the record year 2019 was as much as one fifth. The changes we are implementing now aim to maintain the highest possible turnover of the base in the coming years – stressed PERN’s vice-president Rafał Miland.

Thanks to the cooperation between PERN and the Port of Gdynia Authority, the Liquid Fuels Handling Jetty located in the Port of Gdynia is being continuously modernised. As a result, the Dębogórze depot will soon be able to make use of an elevated nozzle for unloading large tankers – over 30,000 tonnes. It is the second facility of this type at the terminal.

In 2022 the approach to the oil handling jetty will be deepened, making it possible to handle the tankers with a draught of up to 15 m. Thanks to these investments, the security of continuity of the transhipment installation’s work will increase, allowing for handling much larger vessels” – PERN informed.


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