Lease agreement for land in Swinoujscie port where Deepwater Container Terminal will be built

Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority SA has signed a preliminary agreement with a Belgian-Qatari consortium for the lease of land located in the outer port of Świnoujście. This is the site where the Deepwater Container Terminal will be built.

– We have come a long way to reach this extremely important agreement today, the first one which starts the whole process of building the container terminal in Świnoujście,” said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gróbarczyk during a press conference on Monday. – This investment must begin – he stressed.

– With such dynamics of development of Polish ports, including especially the development of the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście, but generally changing the directions of cargo transport, it is a normal thing to build a container terminal in Świnoujście, Gróbarczyk added.

Photo: ZMPSiŚ SA

A deepwater container terminal in the outer harbour, east of the eastern breakwater of the LNG Terminal. The port and container storage area will be located on a pier.

Access from the land side envisages the construction of an access road from the planned Łunowo junction on the S3 road and railway tracks. Some cargo will also be transported by inland waterway.

– On the one hand, this terminal will certainly be a major catalyst for development as far as the West Pomeranian region is concerned. It will provide Polish seaports, especially the four largest ones, which are of fundamental importance for the maritime economy, with conditions allowing for strengthening the position of Polish seaports on the Baltic market – said the President of the Management Board of the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports S.A. during a press conference on Monday. Krzysztof Urbaś.

Photo: ZMPSiŚ SA

– It will also create another impulse for the development of global logistic networks, for integrated transport chains, which have proven to be very important for the proper functioning of the entire economic system in the world, he added.

He also conveyed that the terminal will meet “the highest safety and environmental standards”. It is to be equipped with low-emission handling equipment that “will comply with the highest environmental standards”.

-The terminal, according to the bid, which met the requirements of our tender documentation, will be a dual-use infrastructure. The civilian infrastructure will be used for transshipment of various military equipment,” Urbaś informed.

He also stressed that the investment will improve ‘the competitiveness of the city as a very important port city on the Polish coast’.

– The terminal will certainly stimulate the development of very modern logistic centres, jobs in these logistic centres, outside the terminal itself, as well as jobs in all enterprises cooperating with such a deep-water terminal, and this is certainly several hundred enterprises that will be involved in it, Urbaś announced.

The preliminary lease agreement was signed by the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority SA with a Belgian-Qatari consortium consisting of Deme Concessions N.V. and Qterminals W.L.L.

Photo: ZMPSiŚ SA

– We are here to give a start to a new phase, a new stage related to the development of the container terminal. The first is, of course, the signing of documents, matters of funding, the provision of the necessary equipment, the provision of training for local people and the creation of jobs,” said Qterminals representative Charles Meaby.

The Deepwater Container Terminal will accommodate the largest vessels that can enter the Baltic Sea. It will allow the simultaneous handling of two vessels of 400 metres and one up to 200 metres in length. The annual handling capacity of the terminal will be two million TEUs.



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