Indonesian navy searches for 53 crew members of missing submarine

Indonesia’s navy is searching for 53 crew members of a missing submarine and has requested assistance from Australia and Singapore in the search, Indonesia’s armed forces commander Hadi Tjahjanto told Reuters on Wednesday.

We are still searching for 53 people in waters about 96 km off Bali, Hadi Tjahjanto said.

The German-made submarine, KRI Nanggala-402, conducted torpedo drills in waters north of Bali island on Wednesday, but failed to relay the results of the manoeuvres as expected, Indonesian navy spokesman I Admiral Julius Widjojono said earlier.

The navy lost contact with the craft on Wednesday at around 4.30am local time.

Representatives of the defence ministries of Australia and Singapore did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Reuters reported.

Earlier, the agency reported that a ship of this type develops a speed of 21.5 knots and can carry up to 34 crew members.

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