Horała: development of Elbląg area will accelerate after the opening of the cross-bow


The development of the Elbląg land and Elbląg itself will accelerate after the opening of the crosscut across the Vistula Spit, deputy infrastructure minister Marcin Horała said on Friday.

“Thanks to the crosscut the port in Elbląg will be able to develop. For example if we talk about wood industry, paper industry, furniture industry, which is developed in Mazury, transport of raw materials by sea or transport of various prefabricated elements will now be possible. – Horała said.

He added that previously the transport of goods through the Pilawa Strait, which is controlled by Russia, was practically impossible, as the permission of the Russian side was needed, which had to be applied for a fortnight before the planned passage, and such permission could be withdrawn at any time.

“Therefore, the development of the Elbląg land or the Elbląg port was impossible in a situation where there was only a potential danger, even of blocking this navigation,” – said the deputy minister.

He stressed that no serious investor would invest millions of zlotys or euros being aware of the risk of blocking navigation through the Piława Strait.

The new waterway through the Vistula Spit is one of the government’s priority investments. It is supposed to strengthen Poland’s sovereignty and make our country independent from the consent of the Russian side to sail through the Piława Strait – the only natural passage from the Gulf of Gdańsk to the Vistula Lagoon.

The total length of the new waterway from the Gulf of Gdansk through the Vistula Lagoon to Elblag is nearly 23 km, of which about 2.5 km is the section that will include the lock and external harbour and berth. The canal and the entire waterway will be 5 m deep.

source: PortalMorski.pl

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