Gróbarczyk: construction of offshore port in Świnoujście begins in a few days

In a few days, we will start construction of the offshore port in Świnoujście, offshore wind energy, which is important for energy security, Deputy Infrastructure Minister Marek Gróbarczyk announced on Sunday. He added that state revenues from port handling amount to PLN 30 billion annually and are growing.

– In a few days we will start the construction of an offshore port, so offshore wind energy, which is so important for energy security. An offshore port will be built in Świnoujście. It will play an extremely important role, the expansion of offshore wind energy will start from there,” Marek Gróbarczyk, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, told TVP1 on Sunday. He pointed out that this creates an alternative “that was not there.

If the port had not been built, ‘you would have had to use infrastructure, not ours, Danish, German'” – Gróbarczyk added.

He pointed out that investments in port infrastructure increase Poland’s competitiveness and noted that developing Polish ports is very important “because it is a huge income for the state budget”.

– From taxes and duties alone – what is transshipped in ports brings in nearly PLN 30 billion a year. This is increasing all the time, so I think there is something to fight for in the context of raising the standard of living in Poland,” Gróbarczyk stressed.

In September this year. In September this year, ORLEN Group announced that it had selected a contractor for the onshore part of the installation terminal for offshore wind farms in Świnoujście.

It was announced at the time that construction work would start in October and be completed at the turn of 2024 and 2025. It was indicated that the terminal will ultimately enable the installation of more than 80 offshore wind turbines per year and can handle the Baltic Power project and other planned wind investments.

It added that the onshore part of the installation terminal, for which ORLEN Neptun is responsible, will be built in the port of Świnoujście, on nearly 20 ha. ORLEN explained that its role will be to handle and store key offshore wind turbine components, such as towers, blades and nacelles.

The company also said that the terminal will also be able to receive offshore substation superstructures weighing up to 24,000t. The project will include communication infrastructure, a new workshop, and administrative and office buildings. The investment in Świnoujście will be conveniently connected by all means of transport: rail, ferry, air and road. It was emphasised that the terminal will ultimately serve approximately one hundred employees.



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