Gdynia Maritime University supports offshore wind farms

Work on the construction of the university’s Offshore Centre in Gdynia is progressing rapidly. Recruitment has also begun for a new course of study aimed at future managers of offshore wind farms. The Gdynia Maritime University is preparing for the challenges connected with large investments in this sector in Pomerania.

New challenges also mean new investments and educational offer. The Gdynia Maritime University is implementing previous assumptions and preparing facilities to educate future offshore wind farm personnel.

Let us recall that according to the governmental decision, the so-called installation terminal, i.e. direct technical support for the planned investments on the Baltic Sea, is to be established in Gdynia. The Port of Gdynia is already conducting tender proceedings, which will select the terminal operator.

New jobs will be created not only at the stage of wind turbine construction, but also in their servicing and operation. The market will need as many as several thousand qualified employees and the responsibility for training staff for the developing industry will rest with local universities.

Offshore centre grows in sight

New research facilities are needed to meet the challenge. Therefore, the construction of an offshore centre worth about PLN 50 million is underway. The specialised centre of the Maritime University will allow for comprehensive research and development work related to the maritime industry.

It is two buildings in the vicinity of Wisłoujście Fortress in Gdańsk. The university informs that the first effects of the works are already visible. The foundations and ground floor have been completed and everything is proceeding according to schedule.

“We want to participate in creating a local Polish supply chain for the offshore industry. We are doing everything to make the centre the nucleus of a larger ‘Polish Offshore Valley'” – said Prof. Adam Weintrit, rector of the Maritime University, during a ceremonial meeting of the UMG Senate.

Ultimately, the Offshore Centre will house certified laboratories. They will assist in the preparation and implementation of investments in offshore wind energy. The work is to be completed in March 2023.

Educate future managers

Another course related to the new industry is being added to the educational offer of the Gdynia University. This time it’s MBA studies (Master of Business Administration). In this way, the university will educate future managers related to widely understood offshore projects, not only offshore wind turbines. The university cooperates with two foreign universities in this regard: University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven and Business Academy South West.

Recruitment for the new Executive Offshore Wind MBA programme is currently underway. It is run by the university’s Centre for Offshore Wind Energy. More information about it can be found on a special subpage of the Maritime University. Prospective students will have four semesters of study starting next March.

The programme is designed for managers of the offshore wind sector and people planning to develop a career in this industry. It is open both to those who already have experience in working in the offshore wind energy industry and those who are just starting their careers in this sector.

Who will the new graduate be? A professional and effective manager with knowledge of managing organisations and projects in the offshore wind sector. Students will acquire “unique competences sought after on the domestic and European offshore market and a prestigious, internationally recognised Executive Offshore Wind MBA diploma”. All classes will be of a practical nature.

Let us remind you that the Gdynia University has also recently started recruitment for post-graduate studies. The subject is risk management in the offshore industry and wind energy.




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