Artificial island in the Vistula Lagoon

Artificial island in the Vistula Lagoon

In September 2022, the first stage of the investment commonly referred to as the Vistula Spit Crossing was commissioned. Part of this investment was the construction of an artificial island, which today is called Esty Island.

The island is located in the Vistula Lagoon about 4.5 kilometres from the navigation channel through the Vistula Spit, at the level of Przebrno. The island has the shape of an ellipse. Its circumference is almost 5 km. For the time being, it is almost empty inside. It will be filled with dredged material from the dredged waterways of the Vistula Lagoon and the Elbląg River.

The investor chose the location of the artificial island primarily for natural reasons. It is intended to be a sanctuary for birds using the area.

In the video below, the engineers responsible for creating the island talk about the challenges involved in realising such an unusual project.




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