Gaz-System and Energinet sign agreement to ensure continuous gas supply via Baltic Pipe

Gaz-System CEO Marcin Chludzinski

Ensuring secure and continuous gas supplies through the Baltic Pipe pipeline and developing new areas related to low- and zero-carbon energy sources, including biomethane and hydrogen, provides for an agreement signed by Gaz-System and Energinet, the Polish company said on Thursday.

It added that the Polish and Danish transmission system operators have committed to jointly promote the free capacity of Baltic Pipe for the needs of market participants in the Baltic Sea region and Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.

– On 26 April this year, the gas transmission system operators from Poland and Denmark signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The agreement establishes a framework for cooperation between Gaz-System and Energinet to accelerate the energy transition and strengthen regional energy security in Europe, the national operator said.

As explained, the aim of the cooperation between the two operators is to ensure a secure and continuous supply of natural gas through the Baltic Pipe pipeline and to develop new areas related to low- and zero-carbon energy sources, including biomethane and hydrogen.

Gaz-System CEO Marcin Chludzinski emphasised that his company, together with Energinet, has implemented Baltic Pipe, a key project for Poland’s energy security.

– In line with the objectives of the European Union’s climate policy, we want to contribute to reducing the carbon intensity of the European economy. The agreement signed enables both companies to take coordinated action to develop legislative and implementation frameworks for technical solutions in the area of biomethane and hydrogen transmission,’ he stressed.

Energinet’s CEO Thomas Egebo pointed out that the two companies are currently “focusing on accelerated decarbonisation through green gases and enhancing regional gas supply security”.

As highlighted, the two companies in the agreement pledged to “work together to meet EU climate targets by developing and implementing national policies and strategies in this area”.

– To this end, the companies will work closely together in international industry organisations. To implement these activities, they will establish working groups in several R&D sectors, including Baltic-Pipe, biomethane and hydrogen with the participation of specialists in these areas, it was reported.

It was also reported that the parties to the agreement have agreed to actively collaborate on the sectoral priorities of the future Polish and Danish presidencies of the Council of the European Union in 2025.

The agreement was signed in Denmark in the presence of Minister for Climate and Environment Anna Moskva and Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Supply Lars Aagaard.

The 100 per cent state-owned gas transmission system operator Gaz-System is responsible for the transmission of natural gas, manages the most important gas pipelines in Poland and owns the LNG terminal in Świnoujście.

Baltic Pipe is a joint investment by the gas transmission system operators from Poland and Denmark – Gaz-System and Energinet. Gaz-System owns and operates the part starting on the shore of the Danish island of Zeeland and running to Poland along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The launch of the Baltic Pipe gas transmission, connecting the Norwegian shelf via Denmark to Poland, took place on 1 October this year.



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