Energa Wytwarzanie and Northland Power to set up company to service offshore wind farms

Energa Wytwarzanie and Northland Power will establish a company to service offshore wind farms, Energa Wytwarzanie announced Monday. It noted that the companies already have approval from the OCCP for such a venture.

Energa Wytwarzanie of the Orlen Group and Canadian company Northland Power have approval from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to establish a joint venture to provide maintenance services for offshore wind farms, Energa said Monday. It indicated that the new company will, among other things, manage offshore wind farm infrastructure, commercial assets, health and safety and environmental issues.

It added that Energa Wytwarzanie intends to use its existing knowledge and experience in the operation of onshore wind farms in Poland to provide new services related to the maintenance and operation of offshore wind farms in the Baltic in the coming years. The announcement also stated that Northland Power will bring to the new company experience in managing and maintaining such offshore investments.

– The competence and knowledge of our employees combined with Northland Power’s know-how in servicing offshore wind farms is a perfect combination for the growing sector in Poland, Energa Wytwarzanie CEO Piotr Meler said.

Energa Wytwarzanie noted that the Baltic Sea has “excellent” conditions for wind power development: favorable wind conditions, low salinity and relatively shallow waters. It stressed that the generation potential of wind farms in the Baltic Sea is estimated at more than 30 GW.

The company pointed out that the first offshore wind farm in Poland will be Baltic Power with a capacity of nearly 1.2 GW, which will begin operation in 2026.

– This is a joint project between Orlen and Northland Power and the largest investment in renewable energy sources in Central and Eastern Europe, it noted.

It was recalled that in October the corporation made a final investment decision on the construction of the farm. According to the company, Baltic Power will be able to produce clean, accessible energy that can power 1.5 million households.

It added that Energa Wytwarzanie currently has among its assets six onshore wind farms located in northern and central Poland, with a total capacity of about 244 MW. It was reported that the company has been managing the onshore sources for 15 years, carrying out maintenance of the various components of the wind farms, ensuring technical efficiency and availability of machinery and power equipment, as well as carrying out technical inspections.

The communiqué noted that offshore wind energy is one of the pillars of the ORLEN2030 strategy. By the end of the decade, Orlen Group will have 9 GW of installed capacity in renewable energy sources, including offshore wind farms.

– In early October, the company officially received licenses for five more wind farm locations in the Baltic Sea. Their power potential is about 5.2 GW, which would produce enough clean energy to power about 8 million households, Energa Wytwarzanie reported.

As stated, Northland Power is a power producer with experience in the development, construction and operation of power projects based on various technologies. It added that Northland Power operates both onshore and offshore wind power plants in Canada and Europe, with a combined annual production of more than 5,000 GWh. Northland also has two Hai Long offshore wind power projects under construction, a 1,022 MW offshore wind power project in Taiwan, and the Baltic Power offshore wind power project in Poland.


Source: PortalMorski.pl

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