BALTEXPO 2023: Pomeranian companies decarbonise shipping

On 10-12 October, the largest maritime meeting in Poland this year – the BALTEXPO 2023 International Maritime Trade Fair and Conference – begins at AMBEREXPO in Gdansk. Panel discussions will be an integral part of this, and one very timely topic is the decarbonisation of shipping, a process in which the Pomeranian region has strong assets.

This topic will be the focus of a panel discussion on the second day of the event – 11 October 2023, starting at 11:30 a.m. in Room 1BC – on the first floor at the BALTEXPO Fair Conference Centre.

The motto of the panel will be: Decarbonising the fleet – new ambitions and new challenges in the Pomeranian technology hub.

Radosław Kubiszewski, CEO of DNV Poland will moderate the panel. The participants are:

  • Grzegorz Strzelczyk, CEO of Lotos Petrobaltic
  • Katarzyna Romantowska, CEO of Damen Engineering Gdańsk
  • Jadwiga Sztelwander-Zięba, CEO of Deltamarin (Poland)
  • Artur Połeć, managing director of Vard Engineering Gdansk
  • Mariusz Maciejak, CEO of Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting
  • Mateusz Weryk, Director of Research and Development at The Ship Design and Research Centre (CTO)

The Pomeranian region is often called the ‘Silicon Valley’ in shipbuilding circles due to the many design offices operating here. The region is certainly one of the main design centres in Europe. There is a technological revolution ahead related to the decarbonisation of shipping. More and more technological solutions to reduce vessels’ greenhouse gas emissions are appearing on the market.

The panel discussion will be devoted to trends changing the maritime industry related to the decarbonisation of shipping and proposals that Pomeranian companies have in this area. During it, participants will try to answer the following questions:

  • Are we designing technologically advanced vessels?
  • What innovations is the sector moving towards? They will give examples of solutions.
  • Is there a demand for new technologies, and for which ones specifically?
  • Is the industry open to investment in this area?

The panel discussion aims to show what technological trends prevail in the sector, what services and products will be in demand in the future, and to highlight the region’s strengths and the strength of Pomeranian companies in light of the upcoming challenges.

– The process of decarbonisation of shipping is ongoing, gaining momentum and will be the subject of fleet transformation for decades to come. Many companies are actively engaged in global trends with local inspiration – so much so that it was a challenge to select representative panellists from such a wide range of Pomeranian companies. Newer and newer technological solutions to reduce CO2 emissions have already – and will continue to – appear on the market. The eyes of shipowners and shipyards are now turning towards research centres and design offices expecting them to implement new solutions. The situation is dynamic and we will talk about it. I am sure that the discussion will be very interesting, so I cordially invite you to it,” said the CEO of DNV Poland.

Radoslaw Kubiszewski, the CEO of DNV Poland will moderate the panel.


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