Another investment completed at the Port of Gdańsk

The construction has been completed of two storage and manoeuvring yards in the Inner Port, with a total area of approximately 20,000 square metres, together with access roads, a connector to the railway tracks and the necessary electrical, water and sewage, fire-fighting and telecommunications infrastructure. All the works have been completed and the acceptance procedure has begun for the grain warehouse. The investment was carried out by PGA and Speed.

Speed is a company operating in the immediate vicinity of the Vistula Quay, between Handlowa Street and the PKP PLK Gdańsk Wiślany railway siding complex. It operates from two multipurpose terminals, one in the Port of Gdańsk and the other in Gdynia. It deals primarily with the handling of bulk goods.

Work on the construction of the storage yards began in October of last year. They were one of the elements aimed at developing the potential of ensuring Poland’s energy security and the need to increase the Port of Gdańsk’s coal handling capacity. A warehouse dedicated to grain handling has been erected at the back of the Vistula Quay in the form of a tent structure measuring approx. 4,000 sq m (50×80 m and approx. 10 m high). It is a modern design featuring built-in retaining walls, allowing the storage and handling of over 23,000 tonnes of grain.

‘Thanks to this investment, the Port of Gdańsk’s capacity for the transport and handling of grain and feed is sure to increase. The transit of cargo resulting from the blockade of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea will also be improved and run more smoothly’, explains Kamil Tarczewski, Vice-President of the Port of Gdańsk.

The amount spent on the construction of yards, network infrastructure and warehousing is more than PLN 29 million (gross).

‘We are a well-established company in the marine handling sector. We estimate that the new investment should allow us to handle an additional million tonnes of goods in Gdańsk, significantly increasing our handling capacity and thus becoming a major company in the Port of Gdańsk. The only factor currently limiting our development is the state of Vistula Quay with parameters that no longer satisfy modern needs. We hope that the construction company chosen in the tender can cope with the task in a way that ensures the continuity of handling. The completion of the investment, including the new track and access road system, should allow us to handle a volume of 3.5 million tonnes per year in Gdańsk’, says Paweł Zastawny, President of Speed.


Source: Port of Gdansk

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