A Century of Oldendorff Carriers

Our history dates back to 1921, when 21-year-old Egon Oldendorff became a partner in a small Hamburg shipping company, which was named Lillienfeld & Oldendorff.

From a local timber trader on the Baltic Sea, Oldendorff grew to become one of the largest drybulk ship owners and operators in the world. With a diversified fleet of some 750 bulk carriers at any one time, 4,500 employees from 60 countries, 20 offices and 10 transhipment points, we are able to meet the demands expectations of our customers.

This year we celebrate 100 years of business

As a company specialising in spot transactions, industrial contracts and offshore transhipment, we fully concentrate on bulk cargo logistics. Each year, our fleet transports around 330 million mt of cargo across the oceans.

The transshipment solutions we use enable our customers to use larger vessels on long journeys, which translates into freight savings. We tranship cagoes for customers in the Arabian Gulf, for power plants in Turkey, Bangladesh and Vietnam, bauxite and many other commodities at our transhipment hubs in Trinidad and South Vietnam.


Oldendorff Carriers recognises that clean oceans and clean air are essential for our environment, both as a company and as individuals. Since 2013, Oldendorff has invested $3 billion in nearly 100 new eco vessels, built in China, Korea and Japan, which have fuel-efficient and greenhouse gas-reducing engines, as well as a range of fuel-saving devices to reduce consumption and carbon emissions. Today, over 95% of Oldendorff’s fleet, and the majority of our chartered vessels, are eco vessels.” Peter Twiss, CEO Oldendorff Carriers

Clean oceans and clean air are essential for our future. For this reason, we are investing in reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint, aiming to become an emissions-free company by 2050.

We are always looking for qualified people for our transshipment projects. If you are interested in working for one of our transshipment projects at Oldendorff Carriers then please visit our transshipment careers page to find out more on: oldendorff.com




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