Search operation in the Bay of Gdańsk. Man fell overboard of ferry


A search has been underway from the water and air since the afternoon hours for a man who fell overboard the ferry Stena Spirit. Monday’s activities, involving SAR units, the Border Guard and a helicopter, are being conducted, among others, in the vicinity of the Gdynia harbour.

As the head of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service Wojciech Paczkowski told PAP on Monday, at around 12 p.m. the services were notified that a man fell off the Stena Spirit ferry, shortly after leaving the Gdynia harbour, who was acting as the ship’s cook.

The area of the Bay of Gdansk from Reda to the Port of Gdynia is being searched, Paczkowski indicated. He added that SAR units, the Border Guard and a rescue helicopter are taking part in the search operation.

The Stena Spirit ferry from which the man fell out is sailing from the Port of Gdynia to Karlskrona, Sweden.

It is not yet known what could have caused the man to fall off the ferry.




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