16th Mechanised Division exercises in the area of the Vistula Spit

The 16th Mechanised Division is conducting a tactical exercise codenamed Zalew-23 in the Vistula Spit region. President Andrzej Duda and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak will visit the exercise site on Tuesday.

The exercise involves 2,500 soldiers from units of the Land Forces, the Navy, the SZ Support Inspectorate, the WOT and allied forces forming part of the NATO Battalion Battle Group. In addition, around 500 units of combat equipment and logistical support are involved in the exercise.

The main objective of the exercise is to “demonstrate the ability of sub-units and units of the 16th Mechanised Division to respond to threats of military and non-military nature from the sea, using the new waterway through the Vistula Spit, in the border area on the Vistula Lagoon”.

As Maj Magdalena Kościńska, spokesperson for the 16th Mechanised Division, told PAP, the main undertakings of exercise Zalew-23 were carried out at the end of March.

– Due to the break related to the holiday period, today there is an accumulation of this undertaking, she explained.

As she added, units of the 16th Mechanised Division have been carrying out exercises in adventurous terrain for a long time.

– We have been realising exercises based on Podlaskie, Warmian-Masurian provinces. Now we have decided that we will realise exercises in a different terrain than we have had the opportunity to do so far,” she said.

She stressed that the Zalew-23 exercise is an opportunity to practice new elements that cannot be realised on a daily basis.

– Among others, it is the landing of military technology from a ship on the beach, during which soldiers can test their skills, she pointed out.

On Tuesday, the exercises codenamed Zalew-23 will be observed by President Andrzej Duda and Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak.


Source: PortalMorski.pl

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