Orlen Group: Swinoujscie terminal received 4.4 million tonnes of LNG, up 57 per cent year-on-year

Orlen Group has received 58 cargoes of LNG at the President Lech Kaczynski Terminal in 2022, the most in the history of the gas port, the company said on Wednesday. 4.4 million tonnes of LNG arrived in Świnoujście, a 57 per cent year-on-year increase, it added.

Orlen Group stressed in the communiqué that “the intensification of LNG imports made it possible to guarantee the energy security of domestic gas consumers despite the difficult situation on the European gas market”.

Last year, PGNiG’s Orlen Group received 58 LNG cargoes at Świnoujście, 23 more than a year earlier, when 35 ships arrived at the terminal, bringing 2.8 million tonnes of LNG, the Group said. It added that last year the largest number, 36 shipments, came from the US, followed by cargoes from Qatar with 18 ships. The Group also imported LNG from Nigeria (two deliveries), Trinidad and Tobago and Egypt (one delivery each).

The release stated that the increase in LNG cargoes was a response to the disruption in the European gas market caused by Gazprom’s actions and Russian aggression against Ukraine. “The Group increased imports primarily from liquefaction terminals in the United States, from where as many as 20 more cargoes reached Poland than in 2021,” – it was reported.

As added, the intensification of liquefied natural gas imports was also possible thanks to the expansion of the Swinoujscie terminal, which from 2022 has a regasification capacity of 6.2 bcm per year, 1.2 bcm more than before.

“The total volume of supplies that Orlen Group imported in 2022 through the Swinoujscie terminal is 5.8 bcm, which means a utilisation of the terminal’s regasification capacity of approximately 94 per cent. This is again significantly higher than in 2021, when this rate was 78 per cent, with a terminal capacity of 5 bcm.” – the release stated.

As quoted in the communiqué, the president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, said, in 2022 the supplies of liquefied natural gas to the terminal became the main source of Poland’s gas supply ensuring 1/3 of the domestic demand for this raw material.

Last year, Orlen Group began receiving cargoes of liquefied natural gas at the LNG terminal in Lithuania’s Klaipeda. In 2022. – as indicated – there were eight such deliveries with a total volume of half a million tonnes of LNG, equivalent to 0.7 billion cubic metres of natural gas in a volatile state. Most of the received fuel, after regasification, was sent to Poland via the newly opened Poland-Lithuania pipeline, the Group reported.

It added that this year, as in 2022, the US will be the dominant import destination, which is related to the implementation of two long-term contracts with US companies Chenier and Venture Global, with a total target volume of almost 3 million tonnes of LNG per year. It was recalled that the contract with Cheniere entered into force in 2019, but it is only from this year onwards that the volume of gas supplied under it will reach the target of 1.45 million tonnes per year, corresponding to approximately 2 billion cubic metres of gas in a volatile state. The implementation of the contract with Venture Global, on the other hand, will begin within a year, it was noted.

Orlen Group, it was reported, also has a signed agreement with Klaipedos Nafta, the operator of the Klaipeda LNG terminal. On the basis of this agreement, PGNiG can bring six LNG cargoes to the Lithuanian gas port this year.

Following the acquisition of PGNiG at the beginning of November, PKN Orlen stressed that, together with earlier mergers involving Energa Group and Lotos Group, the current Orlen Group is Central Europe’s largest multi-utility company, one of the largest in Europe and 155th in the world in terms of revenue.

Source: PortalMorski.pl

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