Zamet seeks a strategic investor for Mostostal Chojnice

Mostostal Chojnice plant
Mostostal Chojnice plant

The Management Board of the ZAMET S.A. company, which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, has announced that it intends to look for a strategic investor for the Mostostal Chojnice plant that would be interested in acquiring its plant or the company, as part of which the plant in Chojnice operates.

The Management Board of Zamet does not exclude other forms of strategic partnership for Mostostal Chojnice; they may include the lease of the plant or cooperation with a strategic partner, which would be interested in a long-term cooperation in terms of the use of the capacity of the plant in Chojnice.

The recommendation of the Zamet Management Board to seek a strategic investor for Mostostal Chojnice is dictated by, in particular, the conviction that further development prospects for the plant in Chojnice are considerably better when a strategic investor is considered, which will be mainly focused on the infrastructural, bridge-building and construction business and will allow for an optimal adaptation of production orders to the ability and capacity of the plant. In view of the Management Board, this would be a win-win business deal.

At the same time, the Zamet Group plans to focus their business activities on its strongest business areas, i.e. on the offshore, metallurgical, and smelting sectors in order to make the best use of projected market trends and expected improvements to the economic situation.

– Manufacturing plants such as Mostostal Chojnice have the highest potential for growth when combined with a strong group that implements projects related to infrastructure and construction. Mostostal Chojnice is a well-recognised plant with appreciated competences in the area of infrastructure construction, which includes constructions of bridges, footbridges, structures, including industrial ones, and public utility facilities. It is our opinion that the plant has everything that it needs to be a perfect manufacturing facility, especially for big players in the construction or infrastructure sector. However, we realise that being in the possession of strong and stable manufacturing facilities will soon be desirable, especially for big players on the construction or infrastructure market. Therefore, we believe that our concept, if successful, will be a win-win business deal for all the parties involved – says Tomasz Jakubowski, CEO of Zamet S.A.

– Our objective is to focus the Zamet Group activity on the market of machinery for steel and metallurgical sectors and on equipment for the offshore, mining markets, and, perhaps, on handling equipment. First of all, we expect that the economic situation will improve on these markets, while, on the other hand, these business areas are what makes the Zamet Group recognisable in the world. It is in these business areas that we see competitive advantages and opportunities for an effective use of market trends – adds Tomasz Jakubowski.

At the moment, Mostostal Chojnice operates as an individual entity under Mostostal Chojnice Sp. z o.o. sp.k. It is controlled by Zamet S.A., which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and also controls Zamet Industry Sp. z o.o. sp.k. with its registered office in Piotrków Trybunalski and Zamet Budowa Maszyn S.A. with its registered office in Tarnowskie Góry. On average, 350 people are employed in the plant in Chojnice. It is a plant, in which it is possible to manufacture large-sized and heavy welded structures on an industrial scale. The manufacturing area of the plant amounts to 36,500 m2, while cranage makes it possible to move elements weighing up to 64 tonnes. The plant is compliant with the following standards: ISO 9001, 18001, 1090, or 3834.

The portfolio of Mostostal Chojnice contains the fulfillment of orders such as delivery and installation of a steel structure of a boiler, grid, and flue gas ducts weighing over 5,500 tonnes for the Jaworzno III Power Station (Construction of the J910MWe power unit) or delivery and installation of a steel structure of the load-bearing structure of the Rv5 Loftesnesbrui bridge, weighing over 1,300 tonnes in total, in Norway. In the past, Mostostal Chojnice delivered structures used to construct various prestigious buildings such as the Millennium Bridge in London.

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