What is a global network of industrial relocation?

In today’s world, the political and financial situation in many countries may change rapidly. Wise businesses optimize costs and sometimes the only way to keep the leader position is to relocate the whole business to another place in the world. But how to organize moving a factory across the world? This is what the global network of industrial relocation is for. Girnetwork.com connects professionals from the whole industry globally and helps organize even the most difficult global factory relocation. Read more to learn about the Global Factory Relocation network.

What is GIRN?

The global network of industrial relocation connects partners from the industrial relocation industry globally. Girnetwork.com is a company created by leaders for leaders. GIRN connects around 5000 professionals from the relocation industry such as dismantlers, re-installation and factory removal companies and logistics specialists. The Global Industrial Relocation Network has completed over 1000 projects in 50 countries. 

GIRN is the only network of industrial relocation services professionals globally. The Global Network of Industrial Relocation partners only with companies and professionals with solid track records, to make sure your relocation project will be in the right hands. 

Do you need to relocate your factory but don’t know how much it may cost or how to do it? GIRN provides complete industrial factory relocation services around the globe. GIRN offers professional consulting and management of the whole process of industrial relocation and connects members from every region of the globe.

Join global network of industrial relocation

Are you a company that dismantles, re-install or do factory removals? Are you a logistics company? Join the global network of industrial relocation! Become one of 100 partners global network of industrial relocation. Wondering what main benefits come from our partnership? Read more to learn about the profits of joining the global network of industrial relocation.

The benefits of joining GIRN

  • Our partners benefit from networking and connecting with other members. You will be first to know about new projects, business opportunities and be able to double your turnover!
  • Being a member of a global community you will get access to information, education and knowledge.
  • Members of GIRN get a widely recognized Certificate of the Global Network.
  • The global character of The Global Industrial Relocation Network guarantees a higher reputation and prestige.

To JOIN GIRN you will need to pass the application process. The application form is available online. 





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