The submission phase for binding offers in GAZ-SYSTEM’s FSRU 2 Open Season procedure has been closed


On 27 October, the submission phase for binding offers filed by Participants registered in the GAZ-SYSTEM’s Open Season FSRU 2 procedure was closed.

The overall objective of the binding FSRU 2 Open Season procedure was to confirm the interest of market participants in increasing the regasification capacity of the FSRU Terminal by submitting long-term orders for the FSRU regasification services which would justify the implementation of the said project by GAZ-SYSTEM.

The procedure did not result in GAZ-SYSTEM obtaining binding orders at a sufficient level to proceed with implementing the FSRU 2 project. Nevertheless, the interest in the regasification services declared by the participants implies that discussions may continue in the future.

The Company continues its efforts to build the FSRU 1 Terminal in the Gdańsk area, designed to provide an annual regasification capacity of up to 6.1 bcm of gaseous fuel. Following Phase 2 of the Open Season Procedure completed in August, an Agreement covering 100% of the Regasification Services was signed. It thus provided the business case for further development of the project.  

The planned FSRU 2 project intended to provide an additional annual regasification capacity of 4.5 bcm of gaseous fuel will be the subject of further analysis.

The hydroengineering infrastructure that will be built as part of the FSRU 1 Terminal project will also provide for the possibility of a second storage and regasification unit development if market demand for the FSRU 2 is confirmed.


Source: Gaz-System

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