The awards in the Dziennik Bałtycki Top 100 competition were handed out!

XX International Maritime Fair Baltexpo 2019

An important accent of this year’s XX International Maritime Fair Baltexpo 2019 was the awarding of Top 100 awards. This is the first edition of the competition within the annual supplement of the Dziennik Baltycki (The Baltic Daily – the largest daily newspaper in the Pomeranian region) Top 100 Pomerania, a report presenting the achievements of the leading and best known companies in Pomerania and the ranking of companies in terms of financial results. Top 100 has been published for over 20 years.

– As the name of our newspaper indicates, we have had strong links with the sea and the maritime industry from the very beginning, since we have been on our publishing market. With a sector that is so important for the entire Pomeranian region and the whole country. It is here that the largest Polish companies related to this sector operate, so we are glad that our competition is decided on the Baltexpo trade fair – said Piotr Piesik from Dziennik Bałtycki, leading the Top 100 gala.

This year, the ranking was extended by five categories characteristic of Pomerania.

Companies that achieve above-average results by implementing their development strategies or local governments that support business were appreciated. These are: These are: Top Seafaring Industry, Top Startup, Top Social Responsibility, Top Innovation and Top Business Friendly Commune. The awarding of prizes in particular categories was decided by the jury.

Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard SA was the winner of the Top 100 category of the Maritime Industry – for the greatest contribution to the creation of modern maritime economy and pioneering solutions in the conversion of ship propulsion systems into ecological ones. The awarding of this prize was decided by the jury: Dariusz Drelich – Pomorskie Voivode, Professor Janusz Zarębski – Rector of the Maritime University in Gdynia, Ireneusz Karaśkiewicz – Director of the Office of Forum Okrętowe (The Association of Polish Maritime Industries), Tomasz Limon – Managing Director of Pracodawcy Pomorza (Pomeranian Employers), Mariusz Szmidka – Editor-in-Chief of Dziennik Bałtycki and Jacek Klein – journalist specializing in economics and business. The award was received by Piotr Soyka, chairman of the Remontowa Holding Capital Group, to which the shipyard belongs.

– Thank you very much for this choice and award, but I would also like to say a few words about those who deserved it, namely the crew of Gdańska Stocznia Remontowa SA and the employees of the entire Remontowa Holding Group. I would like to thank you all, because it was your work that brought this award – emphasized Piotr Soyka.

– Our pro-ecological solutions are to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. One over 400-metre container ship sailing across the Atlantic emits as much exhaust fumes as several hundred thousand cars per hour! It is also important that we draw for many young people in our group a wonderful idea of life, serving others and leading to the design and construction of ships. This is very important and we have many such people. The fact that I am standing on this podium today will be a certain encouragement for them, that they can win these awards and that the shipbuilding industry, although it seemed to be in a lost position, is now enjoying triumphs. This is also possible thanks to the Baltic Journal and this competition, because everyone has heard about it. Congratulations! – said the chairman of Remontowa Holding.

They presented the statuette: Wiktor Pilarczyk – President of the Management Board of Polska Press, Gdańsk branch, Katarzyna Dobrońska – representative of Lotos and Paweł Ożarowski – partner in PwC.

In the Top Startup category, the award went to Pelixar SA from Gdynia, which was the first company in the world to create a drone for air monitoring of the atmosphere, whose main purpose is to help rescue survivors or sinking people. These drones are used, among others, by the WOPR services.

In the category of Top Social Responsibility the best company turned out to be JohnnyBros sp. z o.o., which on a daily basis deals with the design, implementation and positioning of web applications. The company implements the policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR), conducts employee volunteerism, sponsors aid institutions from Pomerania, and participates in many charity actions.

Biovico sp. z o.o., which is constantly looking for new solutions in the field of rehabilitation and regeneration of locomotive organs, has been recognized as the most innovative company in the Top Innovation category. Top Business Friendly Commune turned out to be Żukowo commune, taking many actions for the development of entrepreneurship.

Honorary patrons of the Top 100 Pomerania competition are: Marek Gróbarczyk – Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Dariusz Drelich – Pomeranian Voivode. A well-known international company PwC is a substantive partner.

Photo: Sławomir Lewandowski / PORTALMORSKI.PL


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