Sławomir Hinc in the Board of Gas Infrastructure Europe

President of GAZ-SYSTEM Management Board was appointed to the GIE Board. This is an organisation of European Gas Transmission System Operators, Underground Gas Storage Operators and LNG Facility Operators who actively support the process of decarbonisation of gas infrastructure.

Bolstering GAZ-SYSTEM’s position in Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is an important aspect of the Company’s activity in the European Union. As part of its involvement in the GIE, the President of GAZ-SYSTEM will strive to enhance the role of LNG and natural gas as key elements in the energy transition process, concurrently with supporting the decarbonisation process based on low- and zero-carbon gases.

– We are on the eve of the adoption by the European Parliament of a new gas and hydrogen package, which introduces common principles to promote the decarbonisation of natural gas infrastructure and sets the formal framework for the development of a European hydrogen market. The involvement of GAZ-SYSTEM in the GIE Board and active cooperation on the EU forum is of great importance for the sustainable decarbonisation of our economy today – said Sławomir Hinc, President of GAZ-SYSTEM Management Board. 

For well over a decade, GAZ-SYSTEM has been actively involved in international initiatives and is strongly engaged in shaping the regional market, also as a member of various international industry organisations. The company is a major partner in the ongoing EU dialogue on energy transition, further strengthening of security of gas supply in the region, and decarbonisation of the economy also by means of low-carbon and zero-emission gases.

Gas Infrastructure Europe
GAZ-SYSTEM has been a member of GIE since the establishment of the organisation in 2005. Company employees participate in the works of all GIE groups and thematic areas. GAZ-SYSTEM is also an active member of the Gas Transmission Europe (GTE) column, the Gas LNG Europe (GLE) column, and participates in Gas Storage Europe (GSE) column. The company representative also acts as coordinator for the CH4 area and the Fit for 55 & Gas Hydrogen Package working group.


Source: Gaz-System

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