Several visits of NATO vessels to the Port of Gdynia in June

Frigate ITS Antonio Marceglia (F 597)

In the coming weeks Gdynia will be visited by several NATO vessels taking part in the BALTOPS 50 exercise. These will be German, Italian and Finnish vessels.

From 2nd to 4th June, the German frigate FGS Sachsen (F 219; 5780t full displacement, total length 143m), already known for its previous stay in the port, will visit Gdynia.

In turn, the corvette FGS Ludwigshafen am Rhein (F 264; 1840 t displacement, 89.12 m length) is due to enter and leave the port on 5 June.
She will visit Gdynia again on 15 June, also for a short time, leaving our port already on 16 June – as we know from preliminary announcements.

The visit of these ships is connected with their participation in the exercise pk. BALTOPS 50 EXERCISE.

In June, Gdynia will host, at unknown dates, also the following ships: FNS Hämeenmaa (02; displacement 1450 t, overall length 77.8 m) – a mine-layer from Finland and an Italian frigate of “Carlo Bergamini” type, built within the FREMM programme – ITS Antonio Marceglia (F 597; displacement – according to various sources – 6700 – 6900 t, overall length 144.7 m).

The ships will most likely not be open to the public.

Photo: Armed Forces of Italy

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