Seven PGE applications on location permits for wind farms in the Baltic Sea

Polish Energy Group (PGE) submitted on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, another application to the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure on a new location permit for an offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. This is the seventh such application submitted by PGE. The area (14.E.2) is located on the Odrzana Bank (Ławica Odrzana).

Our investments in offshore energy are based on a well-considered strategy and economic calculation. We are interested in prospective areas in the Baltic that will allow us to develop offshore soon. As planned, we are consistently applying for location permits for our wind farms in other areas – this time in the area around Szczecin. We already have seven of them with the last submitted location application – commented Wojciech Dąbrowski, CEO of PGE.

Currently, PGE is carrying out investments in the Baltic Sea with a total capacity of approximately 3.5 GW based on three location permits obtained in 2012 (decision no. OWF/3/12, OWF/4/12, OWF/5/12). The works carried out in these areas are performed according to schedule.

In the coming months, important administrative decisions are expected to be obtained concerning, among others, environmental permits for the onshore infrastructure related to the power output, followed by construction permits. In addition, tenders for individual stages of the investment are underway.

PGE Group’s strategic goal in offshore energy is to build at least 6.5 GW of capacity by 2040. According to government assumptions included in PEP2040, offshore wind farms in the Polish Baltic Sea zone in 2040 will have a capacity of approx. 8-11 GW.

There are currently 11 areas in the Baltic Sea where PGE and others can apply for permits to erect and use artificial islands.


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