Remontowa Shipbuilding with Shippax Award for electric ferry Festøya

Once again, a company from Remontowa Holding capital group has won a prestigious award from a renowned Swedish industry publication, recognized as an authority on shipping and ro-ro ships, ferries and cruise ships. The Shippax Award 2021 went to Remontowa Shipbuilding for the battery-powered hybrid passenger ferry Festøya.

The award ceremony was held, as usual, during the next edition of the conference organized by Shippax and dedicated to ferry shipping and ship technology. This year’s Shippax Ferry Conference 20/21 took place between August 31st and September 2nd on board the Pearl Seaways, a car-passenger ferry sailing between Copenhagen and Frederikshavn and Oslo.

The award on behalf of Remontowa Shipbuilding was collected by Dariusz Jaguszewski, member of the Board.

Shippax Adwards awards have been granted since 1999 by an independent jury in several categories. These awards are meant to reward creativity and innovation or extraordinary results in the design, construction and conversion of cruise ships, ferries and Ro-Ro vessels.

This is yet another Shippax award that goes to companies of the Polish Holding Remontowa

Festøya, the first in a series of four ferries ordered by Norled and built to the LMG 120-DEH design developed by LMG Marin and detailed documentation prepared by Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting of the Remontowa Holding Group, has just joined the ranks of the acclaimed ships.

Festøya represents a new generation of battery-powered hybrid vessels that meet very stringent international regulations for harmful emissions and greenhouse gases and is one of the most energy-efficient vessels in its class.

In normal operation, all required power is drawn from two battery packs. These are recharged from the onshore grid while the vessel is stationary at the quay, which typically takes about 11 minutes. A fast charging solution is therefore used to ensure that the batteries maintain their required state of charge.

The shore-side charging system is integrated with the automatic mooring system that holds the ferry to the berth and, when activated, gives the ‘green light’ to start the charging process. It is anticipated that the generators, with which the vessel is equipped (powered by 100 % biodiesel), were used only in emergency situations. However, the ship’s electrical power system is prepared to operate them simultaneously with the batteries, e.g. in energy saving mode during peak hours.

The equipment has been selected based on maximum efficiency criteria. Good examples are the pull-type thrusters with integrated permanent magnet electric motors ensuring high efficiency even at very low loads or the modern heating and ventilation (HVAC) system.

It is also worth mentioning the solution in which the passenger rooms are located under the car deck, which significantly improves the flow of people and increases the overall accessibility of the vessel.

The ferry complies with the regulations of the classification society DNV and the Norwegian Maritime Administration. Festøya was handed over to shipowner Norled in June 2020 and began operation on the Festøya-Solåvagen connection a month later.

Award for Remontowa Shipbuilding SHIPPAX 2021


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