Remontowa Shipbuilding SA one of the heroes of the National Geographic program

launching remontowa

“Europe from the air”, this is the name of the new National Geographic programme, whose premiere is scheduled for Tuesday, 5 November at 10 p.m.

As the initiators of the project announce, “the first episode will provide us with an extraordinary experience, because the National Geographic channel team will show us Poland from a lesser known side”.

The idea behind the programme is to show the viewers places that are not accessible to everyone on a daily basis, mainly from the air.

Already in the first episode the launch of the ship in one of the Tri-City shipyards was announced. The program, however, says that it will be launching the ship in the Gdańsk Shipyard, and in the meantime it is about side-launching the vessel from the slipway of Remontowa Shipbuilding SA, the largest Polish newbuilding yard, which belongs to the Remontowa Holding capital group. Remontowa Shipbuilding borders the area of the former Gdańsk Shipyard.

It is about launching a partly equipped trawler built for a Danish client. The ship will be used to catch bottom fish with bottom trawls and pelagic trawls towed behind the vessel.

What else will you be able to see on the hourly show?
Among other things, we will look down on the winter landscape of the Białowieża Primeval Forest, we will enter the construction of the highest skyscraper in the European Union, which is being built in the centre of the capital city of Varso Tower, and we will also find ourselves in the middle of the Great Dragon Parade over Krakow.

AL, rel (natgeotv)


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