Reefer, chemical tanker and coastal cargo ship at Naval Shipyard Gdynia

Mini-bulker Thurkus at the quay of Naval Shipyard Gdynia, with "Grupa Azoty" markings. Photo: Piotr B. Stareńczak
Mini-bulker Thurkus at the quay of Naval Shipyard Gdynia, with “Grupa Azoty” markings.
Photo: Piotr B. Stareńczak

On August 21, 2015 r., Stocznia Marynarki Wojennej SA in Gdynia (Naval Shipyard Gdynia – NSG) commenced the class renewal repairs of a reefer vessel Green Egersund. The specification of repair job covered mainly hull steelwork, maintenance and painting, cleaning and maintenance of sea chests. Furthermore, bottom and side seawater walves repairs, cleaning and calibration of anchor cable, as well as cleaning and maintenance of ballast and fuel tanks was foreseen to be performed.

The ship was about to stay at the yard for some 30 days, however this was prolonged with second docking, which was necessary after the ship’s side shell was punctured and heavy fuel leaked in collision of the ship with the floating dock, due to improper handling by tugs during undocking.

During August NSG also hosted two ships of the privately owned Polish shipping company Unibaltic based in Szczecin.

The chemical tanker Ametysth after a few days of alongside repairs entered the dock, where the stern tube seals have been replaced, the controllable pitch propeller hub has been repaired as well as hull maintenance and painting, overhauls of sea water valves and steelwork on the main deck and bottom ballast tanks have been performed. The repairs of Ametysth also covered overhaul and repairs of the rudder plate and rudder pin, as well as cleaning of ballast water, fuel and fresh water tanks in addition to overhauls and repairs to tunnel thruster, maintenance of anchors, anchor cables and anchor cable chambers as well as replacement of zinc anodes on the outer hull.

On July 31, 2015 in turn, Unibaltic’s box shaped hold coaster Thurkus, arrived at NSG for class renewal repairs. The range of works specified covered mainly repairs of hatch covers, maintenance and painting of hull and hatch covers, replacement of stern tube seals and overhaul of sea chests and seawater valves. Also main engine and auxiliary engines coolers have been dismantled and cleaned, some piping replaced in engine room and controllable propeller blades repaired. The ship was docked for some 12 days and remained at the yard for some 18 days.

During this recent stay of Thurkus at NSG also new livery was applied with markings of “Grupa Azoty” – the name and logo of a major Unibaltic’s clients, for whom Thurkus carries a lot of fertilizers.

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