PRS recognised as a certification body for Greek-flagged ships and shipping companies in Greece

An authorization agreement has been signed in Greece, under which PRS (Polish Register of Shipping) has been recognized as the certifying body for Greek-flagged ships and shipping-related companies. The Greeks have the largest fleet in the world.

An authorization agreement for the Recognized Organization of the Polish Register of Ships SA, based in Gdansk, covering the entrustment of the ability to carry out the services stipulated by the regulations in force in Greece for Greek-flagged ships as well as related companies, was signed on Wednesday between the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy of Greece and PRS.

The Ministry of Shipping was represented by the Head of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral L. S. Georgios Alexandrakis, under the authority of the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Ioannis Plakiotakis. The organization, Polski Rejestr Statków SA, was represented by the Piraeus office director, Robert Domanski.

In 2002, the world’s leading fleets were those registered under the flag of Panama (350.401 million tons of total deadweight), Liberia (335.114 million tons) and the Marshall Islands (289.781 million tons). Greece ranked 9th in the world with a fleet registered under its flag with a total DWT tonnage of about 64.562 million tons (for comparison – there are ships under the Polish flag with a DWT tonnage of only 102,000 tons). Greece was surpassed by Hong Kong (4th place), Singapore, mainland China, Malta and the Bahamas, among others.

The fleet registered under the Greek flag surpasses the fleets of Japan (10th), Cyprus, the United Kingdom (12th), Denmark (14th), Norway (16th), Korea (19th) and the United States (21st with a total carrying capacity of 12.527 million tons), among others.

At the beginning of 2022, considering the country of domicile (domicile of the shipowner/place of capital control of ships), Greece had the largest fleet in the world with a share (by deadweight) of 18 per cent in the world fleet, ahead of China (13 per cent), Japan (11 per cent) and Singapore (6 per cent) and Hong Kong (5 per cent).

The PRS 2022 Maritime Register of Ships lists 24 Greek-flagged vessels, mostly small passenger and passenger-car ferries and general cargo/multi-purpose vessels.


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