President Andrzej Duda observed Formosa commando exercises

President Andrzej Duda observed exercises of naval commandos from the Formosa unit on Wednesday. During the exercises, he decorated soldiers who took part in missions in the Mediterranean Sea and Afghanistan, the President’s Office announced on social media.

The President’s visit to the Formosa base was announced in Twitter posts on Wednesday by BBN and the Office of the President. As highlighted, Formosa is a unit that is responsible for protecting critical infrastructure at sea and on the coast – including ports, gas and oil terminals and pipelines like Baltic Pipe.

As the entry reads, during the meeting with the soldiers, the president presented decorations to those commandos who took part in Formosa operations in the Mediterranean and in Afghanistan. The posts are accompanied by short footage of the President’s visit; one of which shows a commando exercise involving the boarding of a smuggling vessel.

Lieutenant General Włodzimierz Potasiński’s Formosa Military Unit is part of the Special Forces. Established in 2007, it has its headquarters in Gdynia. It is composed of commandos trained specifically for operations at sea. Formosa took part in the operations of, among others, the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan, PKW in the Persian Gulf, as well as in the Mediterranean Sea, where the soldiers’ task was to counter smuggling and human trafficking, and to prevent the violation of the embargo on the supply of boron to Libya.



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