PolBoat: Poland in EU project on green transformation in the yachting industry

For three years, among others, the Polish yachting industry will take part in the EU’s TEcoNaut programme to promote the use of green materials in the yachting industry, the Polish Chamber of the Yachting and Watersports Industry – Polskie Jachty (PolBoat) reported.

The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports – Polskie Jachty (PolBoat) has announced the TEcoNaut programme, funded by the European Union. It will be implemented over three years by a consortium consisting of European industry organisations, institutions, research institutions and shipyards from seven countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Turkey and Poland. The programme is to be officially announced on 26 April at the International Boat Show in Palma (Mallorca).

The aim of TEcoNaut is to promote the use of eco-friendly materials in the boating industry, developed using modern technology, and to increase the employment opportunities offered by green companies, it was reported.

PolBoat president Michal Bak, quoted in the release, explained that the Chamber will represent Poland in the programme together with the Gdansk University of Technology. “For the Polish boating industry, joining this project is a challenge that will have a direct impact on the goals the industry expects from us: qualitative professional skills and technological development that will help us create a modern sector closely linked to the sustainable indicators set for industrial development within the EU framework,” – he pointed out.

Secretary General of the Europen Boating Industry (EBI) Philip Easthill stressed that the yachting industry wants to focus on reducing the environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of a boat. “The use of more sustainable composite materials is an important part of our industry,” – informed Easthill, quoted in the news release.

Figures provided by the Chamber show that the yachting industry in Europe comprises more than 6.5 million boats and 32,000 companies directly employing more than 280,000 people. It pointed out that the majority of the fleet is built from non-recyclable fibreglass composites.

At the same time, the Chamber’s experts stressed that, in addition to seeking solutions for the disposal of 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of composite waste from end-of-life boats, it is necessary to use and implement new sustainable fibres and resins for boat construction.

The Polish Chamber of the Boating and Watersports Industry – Polskie Jachty has been active since 2006.


Source: PortalMorski.pl

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