PM: several parties strongly advocated that NS2 should not come into use

During the deliberations, several parties very strongly opined that Nord Stream 2 should not come into use at all, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said after the end of the extraordinary meeting of the European Council. He added that he himself also brought up the topic of the first Nord Stream gas pipeline.

At a press conference after the EU summit, the head of government said that the topic of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, among others, was raised during the deliberations.

Specifically, the topic of Nord Stream 1 was raised by me. This gas pipeline already exists and unfortunately it is used to transport Russian gas through this route to Germany. I appealed to include it in the next packages, since today there is still no will to do so,” Morawiecki reported.

As for Nord Stream 2, as the head of the Polish government noted, its certification process has been suspended.

Several parties have strongly advocated that Nord Stream 2 should not come into use at all, the Prime Minister noted.

Asked about Germany’s position on Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT and Nord Stream 2, the head of government asked to ask Chancellor Olaf Scholz about it.

Please ask the Chancellor, if he has already revealed some backstage from this discussion, what were the reasons on the German side. I will not comment on this, because we agreed that this discussion is a discussion between leaders and we do not reveal the different points of view that exist between the different countries,” explained the Prime Minister.

He added that among the countries that voted for the most far-reaching sanctions were those that “most acutely feel the threat to security architecture violated by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”

But I would also like to say that also those countries that lie further away from the eastern flank approached this completely new, tragic situation with understanding,” Morawiecki noted.

The politician also admitted that the package of EU sanctions against Russia adopted on Friday night will also be costly for the economies of the EU member states.

But our economies are much more diversified economies. They are not economies based only on raw materials. Our European economies are healthier economies and they will endure this in a less painful way in the long run than the Russian economy,” the Prime Minister argued.

There is no point in fooling ourselves – these sanctions will also have an impact on the European economy, but the art of appropriate reaction lies in the ability to accommodate this pain, this loss, and at the same time to exert some pressure in connection with absolutely unacceptable political actions of our eastern, great neighbor,” Morawiecki stressed.




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