PGE and Ørsted invite suppliers to talks on the Baltica OWF construction

During the virtual meeting with suppliers on April 22, 2022, investors will present the progress of works related to the construction of the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm with connection infrastructure to the transmission system, including the scope and plan of tenders planned shortly, as well as milestones of the investment.

The transition of Poland’s energy sector, especially regarding the development of the offshore wind sector, is a great opportunity for Polish companies. That is why we want as many Polish entrepreneurs as possible to get involved in the development of the largest and most promising offshore project in the Baltic Sea, which is the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm. Our last year’s event for suppliers and subcontractors was attended by nearly 500 companies, of which nearly 400 were domestic firms. This proves the enormous potential of this project. We hope for a similar turnout success this time – says Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

The April meeting with contractors begins the series “Wind-driven Baltica 2+3 workshops – dialogue with suppliers”.

We can see a huge interest in joining the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm supply chain from both global players and Polish suppliers and sub-suppliers. We want to show the roadmap with recommendations and requirements showing how to become a part of the Baltica 2+3 success story during our dialogue with the market. We believe that for many smaller players who are not yet a part of the global supply chain, cooperation on Baltica OWF could become a catalyst for growth. Based on this experience and living up to international standards in the offshore wind sector, they will be capable of competing in tenders worldwide and winning them – adds Søren Westergaard Jensen, acting Managing Director of the Offshore in Ørsted Polska and Baltica 2+3 project director on behalf of Ørsted.

Within the framework of the planned workshops, representatives of the investors will present, among others, the schedule of the investment and the ongoing and planned procurement procedures regarding the main components for the execution of the Offshore Wind Farm Baltica project, including connection infrastructure to the transmission system.

The investors will also present the formal aspects of procurement in the JV Partners’ proceedings, along with procedure schedules and tools used in the contracting process.

The workshops will be carried out online in the form of video transmission. Therefore, the organizers encourage you to register and ask questions in advance and send them before the event using the online form available on the dedicated tab:

Wind-driven Baltica 2+3 Workshops – dialogue with suppliers

Applications will be accepted until April 20, 2022. A link to the online broadcast of the workshop will be posted 24 hours before the event here:

source: PGE (Polish Energy Group)

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