PERN enhances efficiency and safety of fuel handling at sea hub in Debogórze

Over 36,000 cubic metres of diesel fuel from a refinery in Rotterdam was unloaded on 26-27 April at PERN’s fuel hub in Debogórze. The product was delivered by the tanker STI Poplar, operated by Scorpio Handymax Tanker Pool.

At the same time, it was the first transhipment of fuels at the Port of Gdynia Liquid Fuel Handling Station carried out entirely by PERN employees.

This is a new service of the company, launched with the support of the Port of Gdynia Authority. It is also a key solution for enhancing the safety and efficiency of fuel handling since there is no longer any need for intermediaries to carry out these tasks.

The launch of the new services by PERN is part of a strategy to develop the fuel depot at Dębogórze as a marine fuel hub. Modernisation measures implemented by the Port of Gdynia Authority also fit into this scenario.

This year, as part of the import capacity increase, the deepening of the Jetty approach will commence, enabling the handling of tankers with a draught of up to 15 m and a cargo capacity of around 100,000 tonnes. This will significantly enhance the safety of the transhipment installation’s continuous operation and enable the handling of much larger vessels.

Running of the new service will provide PERN with additional revenue. Above all, it will enhance the safety of unloading tankers and allow PERN to provide a comprehensive service of importing fuels from sea transport for its customers – emphasised Rafał Miland, PERN’s vice-president.



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