PERN and Port of Gdynia – PLN 400 million in fuel investments

Port of Gdynia

Nearly PLN 400 million – that is how much PERN and Port of Gdynia Authority (Port of Gdynia S.A.) will invest to increase the capacity of PERN’s fuel depot in Debogórze. The result? Even more fuels will be able to reach Poland by sea. The management boards of both companies signed an agreement, the main objective of which is the unloading of tankers featuring over 120,000 DWT and the possibility of storing and quickly distributing products inland.

The investments by both companies are the result of a significant increase in demand for the handling of larger tankers delivering petroleum products to Poland. This trend was strongly reinforced by the market turbulence caused by the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Since then, fuels have been arriving in Poland from more distant destinations and importers expect to be able to handle ever larger tankers.

Record-breaking Debogórze

– The world of energy, including the area of oil and fuels, has changed significantly since 24 February 2022. Today, the fuels that reach Poland come to us from outside Russia. As PERN, we are well prepared for this challenge. The investments we are making together with the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. will allow us to significantly improve the flexibility and efficiency of the entire system. This is an important signal for the Polish economy, but also an increase in the country’s energy security,” emphasised Mirosław Skowron, President of the Management Board of PERN.

In the first half of this year, the terminal in Dębogórze received more than 1.7 million m³ of diesel, almost 60 percent more than in the same period of 2022.

The depot is being intensively expanded – this is where PERN is commissioning two tanks of 32,000 m³ each in the autumn and is planning a further three with a capacity of 50,000 m³. Development is also planned in the area of fuel distribution throughout the country via rail transport.

In the Agreement, the parties have committed to many key investments. PERN will build a further three storage tanks to increase the capacity of the Depot in Debogórz to 0.5 million m³. The company will also expand the rail front with another loading cabin and a loading front for road tankers.

– The signing of the agreement, as part of our long-standing cooperation with PERN, is another step towards increasing the port’s reloading capacity through the expansion and modernisation of infrastructure. Our relationship is based on a strategy in which not only both parties benefit, but also have clear goals for further expansion, which translates, above all, into the energy security of the country,” said Jacek Sadaj, President of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

The main project on the part of the Port of Gdynia is to carry out and finance the expansion of the liquid fuels transshipment site in accordance with the adopted concept, but also to undertake further (once the expanded site is operational) analytical and development work aimed at increasing its transshipment capacity.

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