OX2 will manage Orlen’s wind farms

OX2 Poland has announced that it will be responsible for the comprehensive management of the wind farms acquired by ORLEN Group in 2023, with a total capacity of 142 MW.

Under the agreement, OX2 will be responsible for the comprehensive management of wind farms located in the Wielkopolska region: FW Ujazd (30 MW), FW Dobrzyca (49.9 MW) and FW Wielkopolska (62.4 MW). These are some of the most efficient and state-of-the-art wind farms in Poland, covering the electricity needs of 240,000 households.

– The projects we are handing over to OX2 are particularly important to us, as they will be able to be expanded in the future to include photovoltaic farms with a capacity of up to around 150 MW. We wanted to cooperate with an experienced partner who will ensure safe and efficient operation of the farms,” said Przemysław Rosuł, Head of ORLEN’s Renewable Energy Team.

The agreement with OX2 includes the Swedish RES developer taking over full technical, operation and maintenance services, management of land contracts and cooperation with subcontractors, as well as commercial operation of the farms. Their total generating capacity reaches 142 MW, comprising 15 turbines of FW Ujazd with a capacity of 30 MW, 19 turbines of FW Dobrzyca with a capacity of 49.9 MW and 15 turbines of FW Wielkopolska (Dominowo) with a capacity of 62.4 MW.

Katarzyna Suchcicka OX2 Polska
Katarzyna Suchcicka OX2 Polska

– Orlen Group’s entrustment of the management of wind farms in Wielkopolska is an important step for OX2 in Poland. We have extensive experience in managing RES projects and our comprehensive offer covers the entire life cycle of an investment, from development – through construction – to operation. We use the best practices and experience we have built up developing projects in more than a dozen countries, mainly in Sweden and Finland. We are one of the leaders of the dynamic RES market; we have been present in Poland since 2019 and during this time we have developed a portfolio of projects with a total capacity of approximately 3.1 GW,” emphasises Katarzyna Suchcicka, President of OX2 in Poland.

OX2, responsible for the operation of wind farms from the Orlen Group portfolio, is a leading RES developer and a leader in terms of wind investments carried out in Europe. The company’s project portfolio in Poland, with a total capacity of approximately 3.1 GW, includes wind projects of nearly 850 MW, photovoltaic projects of over 1.7 GW and energy storage of over 550 MW.

OX2 employs 75 specialists with in-depth experience in the technical and commercial management of RES installations. OX2 currently manages a portfolio of RES assets of more than 5 GW worldwide, comprising more than 1,000 wind turbines and several photovoltaic farms and energy storage facilities. In Poland, OX2 has contracted comprehensive management for almost 250 MW of RES (this figure does not include the contract with ORLEN Group Companies).

The cooperation with the ORLEN Group is another project carried out by OX2 in partnership with national energy companies. In 2023, the developer sold the 19.8 MW Bejsce Wind Farm project under development to the Enea Group. The project is under construction and will start operation in 2025. OX2 is currently developing three further wind projects and a large-scale photovoltaic farm.

The OX2 Group wind farms entrusted to OX2 are new installations, commissioned between 2021 and 2022, which in the following years may be developed with photovoltaic projects of approximately 150 MW on a cable pooling basis (use of secured power transmission capacity, e.g. for a previously established wind power plant, to commission a photovoltaic power plant in the same location. The wind and solar farms, then, share the energy infrastructure – ed.).

This would increase the installed total generation capacity from the current 142 MW to 301 MW combined in wind and photovoltaic units. According to the adopted strategy, by the end of 2030, ORLEN Group will have renewable energy sources with a total capacity of over 9 GW, including offshore and onshore wind farms, photovoltaics and biogas and biomethane generation units.

Source: PortalMorski.pl

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