Orsted Offshore Poland at PWEA 2023

“The Polish offshore wind energy industry faces similar problems to the sector in Europe. It is mainly about securing components for our projects and raising the capital necessary for investments. We would also like to make sure that the port infrastructure is ready in time,” – argued Agata Staniewska-Bolesta, managing director of Orsted Offshore Poland during the Polish Wind Energy Association conference in Serock.

Offshore wind energy is developing very intensively in Poland. At the moment, the first phase of investment projects in equipment with a capacity of 5.9 GW is being implemented – in the second phase, the Polish government has granted projects for a further 10 GW. According to Agata Staniewska-Bolesta, these figures prove that wind power plants in Poland will generate a great deal of energy in the future.

– Orsted is developing two projects together with PGE. Baltica 2 will be commissioned in 2027, and we plan to start the construction phase next year. Baltica 3, on the other hand, will be commissioned by the end of 2029,” said Agata Staniewska-Bolesta.

According to her, in order for offshore wind farm projects to be realised on time, the business needs predictability of the installation infrastructure, as well as adequate port preparation. Companies also want a streamlined supply chain and shorter project development times. At the moment, a wind farm company needs about eight years before it can get to the construction phase. According to Agata Staniewska-Bolesta, this is too long.

The managing director of Orsted Offshore Poland paid attention to the role of local communities in the process of creating wind farms. She emphasised that the company cares about maintaining good relations with people living in the vicinity of the investment.

– Installing offshore wind energy is a breath of fresh air for them, bringing a positive impact. We have implemented projects in various markets and we have examples, for example from the UK, where we have been able to greatly revitalise local communities by supporting them with our investment,” argued Agata Staniewska-Bolesta.

It is primarily about new jobs, which she believes are well paid, sustainable and long-lasting – Orsted Offshore Poland operates farms for up to 35 years.

– I can already admit that we have a very good relationship with the local community in Choczewo, where the onshore part of our wind farm is being installed. Together with investors there, we have invested in a sustainability fund for this community,’ explained the managing director of Orsted Offshore Polska.

How does it work? The parties jointly agree on what the money from the fund will be used for. Thanks to this, argues Agata Staniewska-Bolesta, the local community takes an active part in the creation of the investment and defines its needs, which the company is ready to meet.

PWEA 2023 is the largest industry event dedicated to wind energy in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe – for three days it brings together decision-makers, opinion leaders, representatives of local authorities, business and environmental associations, the media and the entire wind industry in one place.


Source: PortalMorski.pl

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