Orlen Paliwa wants to extend the Liquid Gas Terminal in Szczecin

Orlen Paliwa plans to expand the Liquid Gas Terminal in Szczecin, and the scope of work includes the installation of two LPG storage tanks with a capacity of 2100 cubic metres each. The company has just announced a letter of enquiry in this matter. Offers within the proceedings may be submitted until 28 February.

“Orlen Paliwa invites for the submission of the offer on the expansion of the Liquid Gas Terminal in Szczecin together with the construction of two LPG storage tanks with a capacity of 2100 cubic meters each” – the company announced in the enquiry documentation, published on 8 February this year.

As stated in the announcement, the scope of works within the investment in question will cover several branches, including construction, railway, mechanical, structural, electrical and sanitary.

According to Orlen Paliwa, the expansion of the Liquid Gas Terminal in Szczecin to include new storage capacities will also involve the expansion of the railway siding by three additional tracks, the construction of an additional loading bay for rail tankers together with rail weighing scales and the construction of an LPG pumping station, as well as the expansion of technological, electrical and fire protection installations and rainwater drainage.

The company explained that the proceedings announced in connection with the planned investment would be conducted in two stages: collecting formal and technical offers until 28 February, then collecting commercial offers, with the bidding period being 14 days. As explained, “bidders who meet all formal and technical conditions required in the first stage of the proceedings – their verification will be positive – will be invited and qualified for the second, commercial stage”.

Orlen Paliwa is a subsidiary of PKN Orlen, primarily engaged in the wholesale of petrol, diesel and heating oils, as well as propane, butane, propane-butane mixture – LPG and natural gas. It also manufactures industrial installations for LPG. In addition, it operates a network of LPG terminals across the country, including the seaport terminal in Szczecin.

Recently, Orlen Paliwa and the Police Seaport Authority and Azoty Polyolefins Group signed a letter of intent on the construction by Orlen Paliwa of a Liquid Gas Terminal at the Police seaport. The construction would primarily comprise a tank depot and transhipment infrastructure for handling goods delivered by water, road and rail.

The terminal would enable the receipt of propane delivered by sea and butane carried by rail or road and further distribution, for the needs of operations carried out by Orlen Paliwa – explained the company, among others, when informing about signing a letter of intent on the planned investment.

source: PortalMorski.pl

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