New components for powerful crane of Orion I offshore installation vessel

A company based in Szczecin has manufactured new components for a crane damaged during load tests on the Orion I ship in Rostock.

In May 2020, a serious accident happened at the quay of a crane factory in the German port of Rostock during load testing. A heavy crane on the Orion I offshore wind turbine installation vessel was damaged.

During an overload test of the huge crane, the hook broke with a suspended load weighing approximately 6,000 tonnes. As a result of the sudden release of the load and the recoil force, the crane boom swung violently, causing it to bend and break on the non-level-luffing part of the crane structure (the so-called “A”-frame).

The crane boom was destroyed. The damaged jib of the large crane, manufactured by Liebherr Rostock, was 145m long overall.

In 2021, the Orion I DP 3 offshore installation vessel underwent a major overhaul at the Remontowa Shiprepair Yard, including repairs to the crane pedestal, deck and ship structure damaged by the fatal incident.

Now Szczecin-based Teleyard Sp. z o.o. (Telmond Holding Group), has manufactured on order the components of a new device that the ship’s owner, DEME Offshore, designed to protect the crane of the Orion I ship from the effects of a sudden loss of load, as occurred during the accident in question.

The new device was manufactured at Teleyard’s plant in Szczecin and assembled in a hall rented at the (bankrupt) ST3 Offshore company. Once the equipment was commissioned and tested, it was loaded by ST3 Offshore’s large gantry crane onto the Rix Pacific ship. She left Szczecin on 13 January, heading Rostock, where it will soon be mounted on the new crane of the Orion I ship.



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