Modernisation of the breakwater system in the Northern Port of Gdansk

Modernisation of the breakwater system in the Northern Port of Gdansk

In mid-September, the Maritime Office in Gdynia carried out technical acceptance of the essential part of the works included in the modernisation of the breakwater system in the Northern Port.

“Thanks to the implementation of this investment, the operability and efficiency of the Northern Port will become even more independent of weather conditions. The port’s safety level and operational capacity will also be improved, which will undoubtedly increase its attractiveness in the eyes of operators” – said Wiesław Piotrzkowski, Ph.D., Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia.

The works carried out under contracts with the consortium of PORR SA – Rover Maritime SL – Roverpol Sp. z o.o. are:

  • construction of a new breakwater on the extension of the existing island breakwater (total length of the new structure is 853 m)
  • construction of a bird platform located between the previously existing island breakwater and its extension
  • Construction of a new “South-Eastern” breakwater (826 m long).

The value of the works completed in September was PLN 606,756,175.

These were the stages of breakwater construction:

The works were carried out according to the accepted schedule, the contractor fulfilled the contract on time. The most interesting solution during the construction of the breakwaters was the use of 38 floating boxes with dimensions of approx. 40 m by 10 m and a height of 13.4 m, placed on a level of -12.4 m. The boxes were specially prefabricated on a submersible pontoon, which was imported from Spain and adapted to the needs of this project – said Anna Stelmaszyk-Świerczyńska, Deputy Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia for technical matters and also the director’s plenipotentiary for the project.

A successfully completed project is always satisfaction for the contractor. In this case it is even greater because of the high level of complexity of the project. Among the many technical challenges we encountered during the 33 months of construction, it is worth mentioning the stabilisation of prefabrication of large floating prefabricated boxes, the selection of optimal marine equipment, as well as the development of logistics for the supply and reloading of materials with a very limited land base and quay – said Krzysztof Laskowski, Member of the Board of PORR SA, responsible for infrastructure construction.

As Krzysztof Laskowski assured – despite constantly changing hydrometeorological conditions, productivity was maintained at a constant, high level and the contractors completed the task on time, and the author of this success is, of course, the experienced and committed team of PORR and Rover Maritime S.L. – Roverpol.

The project entitled “Modernisation of the system of breakwaters in the North Port of Gdansk” has been carried out by the Maritime Office in Gdynia since 2016.
Its planned completion is 2023 and its total value amounts to PLN 795 million, including 85% funding from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020. The project is carried out in the Northern Port of Gdańsk on an area of approximately 232 ha (including the area of dredging works of 145 ha).

Other works to be performed under the project are:

renovation of the island breakwater north (length 1625 m) – the selection of the most favourable offer took place on 20.08.this year, currently an appeal is being carried out in the National Appeal Chamber; the value of the works amounts to over PLN 30 million; the time for execution of the works is 16 months)
execution of dredging works on the designed waterways and turning basin along with the appropriate placement of navigation marking – the selection of the most favourable offer took place on 14 September this year. (consortium of Rohde Nielsen A/S, DC Industrial N.V. and Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Czerpalnych i Podwodnych Sp. z o.o.; the value of the contact is PLN 137 299 847; time for execution of works is 14 months).



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